Donna Karan on 5 key pieces for women (Lucky Magazine)

The May 2013 issue of Lucky Magazine featured a short article by Jenna Gottlieb titled, “5 key pieces every woman should own” (pp. 48-49). Her highlighted designer was Donna Karan, who clearly knows how to dress women! I really enjoyed this article, my only wish was that it had been a few pages longer. Sometimes magazines are too conservative with features such as this one.

I thought it would be fun to do a Polyvore based on this article, and then do my own take on the same items. I hope you will let me know if you feel the same way as Donna Karan in terms of these different pieces.

1. Bodysuit “It’s all about the tuck-in factor. With a bodysuit, even if you wear your pants sloppy and low, you’re still clean on top.”

DKNY bodysuits

A few ladies on Twitter this past week were talking about the dislike of the bodysuit, but I really think it works on a lot of women if they aren’t too busty. A bodysuit really makes outfits work well by pulling something together with little effort (add skirt, add pant, etc.).


Maison Martin Margiela bodysuit top
$515 –

Lipsy lace shapewear
$43 –

Stella mccartney

Burberry burberry


Dolce Gabbana bodysuit shapewear
$1,015 –

Donna Karan bodysuit shapewear
$120 –

2. Anorak “The anorak has been a DKNY essential since the beginning. It’s the idea of her wearing his clothes, and there’s something so sexy about that.”

DKNY anorak jacket

I love an anorak in a bold color and with the ability to give you shape. Not your shapeless rainy-day-at-beach anorak. The ones with straps at wrists, waist, hips, neck to still give you a feminine silhouette.


Ali Ro water proof jacket

Nautica coat

Free people


Michael michael kor

3. Belt Bag “We’re constantly in need of our cell phones, but who wants to carry a purse all the time? Just throw all your stuff in a belt bag and you still have your hands!”

DKNY runway belt bag

I found number three ironic as just on this past week’s episode of The Rachel Zoe Project she actually said at one point “Once you go fanny pack, you never go back.” I honestly never thought I would hear Rachel Zoe promote fanny packs/utility belts but they are apparently helpful for her when she is carrying Skyler and her Starbucks.

Belt bag

4. Printed Jeans “Printed jeans in browns and whites and blacks-how amazing? They’re neutral, so you can wear them with everything.”

Printed jeggings from DKNY Jeans

Until I reach my goal weight, this is just not happening for me. Sorry! I am sure it is easier on people with no butt and quite small hips/thighs. I am not there yet. And I think it looks silly on me!

Floral jeggings or jeans

Just Cavalli jean legging

NYDJ white jeans
$230 –

Dkny jeans


5. Yellow Dress “Every girl needs a work-to-beach-to-night dress. This one is not at all fussy, but it’s completely showstopping.”

Yellow Dress DKNY

Surprisingly, yellow is a lot more flattering on me now as I have grown older. I think my skin is more even-toned and my hair is darker which makes it a better hue on me than before. Anyone else warming up to yellow?

Yellow dresses

Acne dress

Motel dress

Oasis dress
$77 –

Yellow cocktail dress
$31 –

What are your favorites?

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23 thoughts on “Donna Karan on 5 key pieces for women (Lucky Magazine)

  1. I really want to get an anorak. I just love the look! But otherwise I am not a fan of this list! I can see how a bodysuit comes in handy-if I go back to an office job I would invest in one to look more polished. I don't like printed jeans that are floral/super busy. It just reminds me too much of the 90s/original 90210. I don't think they are very flattering.

    Yellow isn't my color so maybe I am just biased. I guess if it works for others then they are lucky!

  2. Anoraks really are wonderful as they are so useful and comfortable.

    Sorry everything else on this list is not in your taste! A bodysuit does come in handy, honestly, but you either love them or hate them.

    90210 – is EXACTLY why I do not like a floral printed jean as well! So glad I am not alone in seeing them as looking dated, haha.

    Yellow used to not be my color, but now my husband says he likes me wearing it, not sure why but if he thinks it makes me look good then I will try anything, you know? So I have a wrap-top tee and two sweaters in yellow.


  3. Printed pants are definitely an acquired taste as they can vary from horrid to fab. I guess it is the same with jeggings huh? I remember reading a story about how bad skinny jeans were for you so I guess that officially scarred me for life! haha


  4. Yes, I used to fear yellow but now I love a lemon dress in summer, I think it's just about finding the right hue, jonquille, west country butter rather than jaundice!

  5. I had some of those DK bodysuits back in the day, but my, they were uncomfortable! I'd rather fuss with tucking my shirt back in. Fanny packs…I just can't. But those yellow dresses are divine.

  6. Oh no. Well, that sounds quite unpleasant. I know sometimes a bodysuit is better fitted for a short-waisted person, so maybe you are long-waisted like me? Things certainly do get uncomfortable if they are too short! Eeek!

  7. Ha- I definitely don't think I could do a body suit again. I had one in the late 80's/early 90's and just couldn't go back for seconds. But I LOVE yellow! Both bright and butter yellows can be so flattering and cheerful.


  8. I agree about yellow! I love the words you all have been posting on here describing the color. Bright, butter, flattering, cheerful, divine, jonquille.

    I can humbly respect your feelings on the bodysuit. 🙂


  9. I read this article too, and I thought it was the most eclectic mix of items that women “should” have in their wardrobe… I started laughing when I saw the belt bag (aka 'fanny pack'), which made me wonder… was this interview conducted on April Fool's?

  10. I agree. She went all over the map with these selections. The belt bag was a bit random, but apparently it is a huge accessories trend this season!

  11. Thank you ladies! Which one is your favorite? I think I like the Acne dress the most as I could wear it to both work and date night (and RMC sporting events!).


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