Workin’ on my fitness

Well, I am going to get real with y’all on this post. I am going to tell you lots of details about my health, and I will be completely blunt. Remember: this blog is my opinion and my opinion only. I might be super harsh with some of my comments but it is my personal […]

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Only in Lex Vegas

This kind of news would only happen in Lex Vegas, thanks to The Advocate, a wonderful monthly paper: This the chicken died. She was six. This and [her] friend, That, starred in Anne McClung’s children’s book and video, This, That and the Other Things. Seriously is my hometown hilarious or what?

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from my brother

I don’t know how my brother finds these things – but I got this email from him last night. I already forwarded it to my artsy friends and wanted to share it on here too – this is pretty groovy/freaky. In an arthouse-meets-Guggenheim digital media mural art exhibit sort of way. This was done by […]

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