Hello friends – and those newcomers to my blog who may stumble upon this post. I have a very specific request for a very special and heart-wrenching reason. This post centers on a family many in the blogosphere know about or have heard of. Some (like me!) may have followed the Mom, April, and her […]

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A little office cheer

I hope everyone is continuing to have a happy new year, as January comes to a close. January has always been a favorite month of mine, as it has always been fun and pretty productive if I look back on it. First college acceptances in January 2003, first January term at R-MC in 2004 (best.short.semester.ever), […]

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New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year to all! What are your New Years Resolutions? Here are mine: 1. Graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in both Environmental Studies and Political Science in May. 2. Start grad school at University of Maryland, starting small, with my Master of Science in Environmental Management or Master of Science in Management (Non-Profit/Associations Management). […]

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