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Apparently I’ve been at this same blog, same name, with varying formats for twelve years. A lot has happened in my life during that time. My relationship with my now-husband was only a few months old when this blog started after I ditched my LiveJournal I had owned for about 8 years. Wow.

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I have loved sharing the highs and lows of my life on here, and I honestly do not think that will ever change. Even if I don’t have the popularity and beautiful images so many of my peers – and even good friends! – have on their corners of the web, I appreciate so much the friends I have made. Some didn’t stick but a majority of you are IRL friends now, and amazing outlets as we have found partners in life, marriages, divorces, recoveries and children. Maybe even a little from each category.

Margaret and Mama, when she was 1 day old, March 23, 2017.

As I’ve basically been under self-quarantine since February 28, 2020, with my OB having me under recommended quarantine since March 16, 2020, that latter date a full TWO WEEKS before Virginia mandated stay-at-home, I have had a lot of time to think and ruminate. From trivial items like getting stuff unpacked from moving into our forever home – which I still have not highlighted on here – to indulging in beautiful meals for my family – working on on blog post photos – to truly learning to cope from my miscarriage of one of my twins (remaining sibling Madeleine continues to thrive to the best of our knowledge as we are in Week 24!). It sometimes is a lot. But that may be the best thing about COVID-19 or the Coronavirus and its many nicknames. Time for thoughts. Time for rest. Time for quality time and acts of service.

Madeleine (Baby 2) taking a big yawn during our very long second trimester scans!

So, I’m starting to feel less stressed about general everyday stuff because I’ve been here at home for so long, and starting to feel inspired to do posts here again – many may be catch-up posts (like Belly/Pregnancy symptom posts? maybe?) or recipes I have recently cooked and got great feedback from on Instagram. I have no idea who may even seen these posts here on the blog website, but I love this little corner of my world where the content and information is all by me.

Stay safe, sending love and care to wherever you are in the world during our global crisis.

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