Hello friends – and those newcomers to my blog who may stumble upon this post. I have a very specific request for a very special and heart-wrenching reason.

Photo of sweet Charlotte by Kayla Leonard

This post centers on a family many in the blogosphere know about or have heard of. Some (like me!) may have followed the Mom, April, and her story even prior to her engagement to her husband several years ago.

I want you to look at the sweet girl at the top of this post, this photo taken just prior to her second birthday, wearing a bonnet made with love by one of her grandmothers. Her name is Charlotte. She has a newborn baby brother and an older sister. Charlotte was just diagnosed two weeks ago with a terminal, incurable, very-few-options-to-alleviate-symptoms incredibly rare hereditary disorder called Leukodystrophy. You can learn more about this debilitating illness here and here. An important update before I continue is that the two siblings are carriers but do not have Leukodystrophy, so this post and all shared fundraisers are focusing on Charlotte’s needs, medical care expenses, and keeping her parents by her side throughout this time as they maintain her quality of life.

The family has a GoFundMe. They have insurance, but it is a basic policy as both parents are self-employed. This GoFundMe has an end goal of $100k, which sounds staggering except they only have just under $20k remaining! Help us reach this amount. There are so many different ways to do so.

  1. Directly give to the GoFundMe to help Charlotte Robson’s ongoing medical care, which includes hospital bills and in home care.
  2. Custom Ink #CLTforCharlotte fundraiser which has unisex t-shirts, women’s tank top, and youth tees. So far, over $4600 has been raised in this way. (I may have bought multiples which I will share when they get shipped).
  3. Custom Ink #CLTforCharlotte fundraiser which has infant onesies and toddler t-shirts. So far, the basic goal of 100 has not been met (currently only 48), and we need that goal to be met to make these onesies and toddler tees as well as donate funds raised to the GoFundMe! (Yes, I bought multiples! And will share when/if they arrive – I hope they meet their goal).
  4. CarolinaFrontDoor Etsy shop. Owners Ashlee and Stephanie will donate a minimum of $20 for EACH wreath sold now through October to the family’s GoFundMe. I bought one and they donated $25! It is a marvelous way to support a local business and this family in need of support at the same time.
  5. Robson Family Amazon Wishlist. This is regularly updated, but from time to time may be fulfilled quite quickly, so look to other ways to give if it is empty!
  6. The Argyle Alligator Charlotte book fundraiser – each copy sold will be $5 given to the family’s GoFundMe.
  7. We’ll be offering college and Panthers designs on shirts and dresses for the fall, and for the month of August will be donating 50% of our football themed proceeds to @smidgeofthis and her family. Many of you probably follow this fellow Charlotte mom. As you may have heard, her sweet daughter has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. If you are able and/or looking for other ways to bless this family, a go fund me account has been set up to offset medical costs and is posted in my profile. Applique shirts: $25 Stitch design shirts: $22 Dresses: $30 **designs and schools shown are a small sample of what we offer. All designs can be customized** Swipe to see a sampling of options #alittlestitchofcharlotte #cltforcharlotte #shoplocalclt

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  8. The Charlotte skyline medium tote bag, sold here on Etsy by YoureThatGirl designs, $15 each and 50% goes to the Robson’s GoFundMe.

  9. $25 of each Be Still sign from The Wooden Fox Home Shop will be donated to the Robson’s GoFundMe. Colors can be customized.

  10. 50% on Panthers themed gear and 100% of bow proceeds, all from Little Bunny Foo Foo Designs will go to the Robson’s GoFundMe.

I hope this post reaches many people who can help. This family is seeing some of the very best in the medical community, so at this time that is not a need. Participating in these fundraising efforts is truly the best way to assist them. If you have $5 to spare, amazing, if you have social media and can merely retweet or like any of the posts I have shared and embedded above… or this post, perfect. Please use #CLTforCharlotte if you create, retweet, or share a post!

This song from Jason Mraz’s new album, Know., resonated with me after learning Charlotte’s diagnosis. I hope the words resonate with you as well:


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12 thoughts on “#CLTforCharlotte

  1. Thank you for sharing about this sweet girl. I’m saying a prayer right now for them and will share this among my friends!

  2. This post makes me so emotional. I am also a parent and it is so hard to know and accept that there is something happening with your kids. I will definitely share this with my friends and includes this pretty angels with our prayers.

    1. Thank you Diana! I am just trying so hard to spread the word! Only $1742 left of the $100k goal for this amazing family.

    1. Thank you so much Chelsea, I’m really not doing much but just trying to bring about all that I can to benefit this amazing family. I know if it was me, April would be doing the same thing!

    1. I am so BEYOND thrilled that the GoFundMe has met it’s goal. It’s a wonderful, wonderful blessing of light in such a hard time for this deserving family. Grateful for them to have one less burden.

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