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MCVA and I outside of Richmond’s internationally renowned VMFA

Hey all! I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July holiday. Yesterday the 5th was M’s birthday, so we went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art (“VMFA”) to see their Napoleon exhibition and then briefly stopped in Carytown so I could get a couple of his last minute gifts at Elements of Carytown. I’ve gotten him hooked on so many amazing mens beauty items there – he loves his products now – like me! Then we came home and I made him gluten free yellow cupcakes with dark chocolate icing and for dinner we enjoyed Ina Garten’s Skillet-Roasted Lemon Chicken from her Cooking with Jeffrey cookbook with a side of fresh green peas. Delicious!

Ina Garten’s Skillet-Roasted Lemon Chicken from her Cooking with Jeffrey cookbook
M celebrating his bday with MCVA and I

Baby MCVA was all over the place yesterday – from the heat (which is why we have been home a lot the past week!) to her SIX TEETH coming in. Yes, she currently has 6 teeth, but 6 more teeth are coming in at once – our poor baby! Some are just about to break through and others are definitely out and struggling to fully get there. So she has had lots of wonky symptoms and she has both M and I running ragged… much more so than other times where she has been teething! So clearly uncomfortable, makes me feel so bad for her. I wish they hadn’t come in so off-schedule, apparently her teeth think they have to play catch-up, immediately.As you can see, I’m now on a WordPress site. I deliberately scheduled it over the holiday so you all would not likely witness a huge transition issue. Of course I did not plan on the server propagation taking 24 hours but goodness what a difference it makes! I was scared for a minute but love that WordPress has the chat feature so they could tell me everything looked AOK on their end. Did you enjoy my panicking social media posts – haha! Do you all like the layout of my blog now?There is a slight learning curve but it is not as complicated as I had feared – and I feel like everything is placed naturally which means less stress for me trying to find a blog feature! I cannot wait to blog more and share my thoughts on lifestyle, parenting, #MomLife, beauty, fashion, gluten free cooking and all of my favorite things I have shared with you all over the past TEN years! I still struggle to believe this corner of the internet has been mine for ten years in May. I feel lucky to have had you guys along for the ride. It’s the absolute best. Thank you ♥

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