Baby Margaret – Eight Month Update

Margaret at eight months, taken on November 22, 2017

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We started the month by celebrating Halloween with our sweet little girl, her first outside the womb, and since she is too small for trick-or-treating we had fun dolling her up in this sweet Halloween outfit:
Her outfit was from Toys R Us, RIP, but below is a similar outfit from Carter’s!
Fall was an incredibly busy time for our family! M, MCVA and I headed down to Charlotte for a long weekend with family – my Aunt – and it was our longest drive with our baby girl. Even though we live in central Virginia, driving to South Park/CLT took longer than driving to the Outer Banks! So it was an okay drive but Margaret was not enjoying it very much and cried a good bit. We decided on the way back that Michael would sit with her in the back instead of sitting up front with me to see if that would help her feel less alone. Outside of Denton and Lexington, NC we saw the most incredible sunset. It was a bright red-orange sky as we drove around the lakes and it was incredible. We arrived in CLT at around 7:30 so MCVA basically went right to bed after that! The next day we took her around South Park Mall which was perfect for her stroller. It was ideal to get some window-shopping done for the holidays that were barely over a month away, and visited Melissa at Neiman Marcus to get some home decor and gift ideas set aside. We made my Aunt a family favorite recipe (Chicken in the Chips) as she worked that day, and then had really nice family visiting time the remainder of the day. The next day I took M and MCVA to see old family sites – from our Jones Construction Co. days – as well as the family plot at Elmwood Cemetery (My Grandpapa’s Father’s family).
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She had a baby tooth – we think at this point – it did not break through but her drool and chewing at this month was on another level. My Aunt has two children, so she along with my parents helped us see that the new tooth coming in was a great thing and explained so many of her symptoms (attitude change, change in diaper output, feeding patterns, etc.). On this visit she also crawled successfully for the first time across a carpet which was such a thrill!
MCVA and our Aunt M, my Dad’s only sibling, in CLT
My Aunt took me to see the Carolina Panthers play the Miami Dolphins – a newer tradition we enjoy together in Charlotte! After a couple more days in CLT we ended up heading back home with a detour to the Hubbard family plot at Greenview Cemetery in Reidsville, NC (my Grandpapa’s Mother’s Family). We then started that organizing-at-home preparing for the pending holiday whirlwind heading towards Thanksgiving!
Margaret is looking at me thinking, ‘oh jeez, we have to hit the road AGAIN??’ But sitting up so well!
Outside of one of my oldest friends (MVCL & DL) wedding and this road trip to CLT, it was a pretty quiet month developments-wise. We experimented more with solids – cantaloupe and blueberry compotes from the freezer, fresh zucchini, squash and pumpkin purees with some spices to add to her flavor introductions. We joined the Publix Baby Club at this point, as a series of Publix stores had started to open in the Richmond area at this time. If you haven’t joined it – join if they have opened it up to more members! It’s wonderful to get some great advice and tips from Publix – plus super applicable and helpful coupons and information (such as this one from their March 2017 mailing).
Margaret was still breastfeeding really well at this point, as well as taking a bottle before bed regularly. I still tried to pump 1-2 times a day, and we had a pretty OK backup supply in the freezer, but not enough where I could donate to friends or strangers (which I HATED, bc that made me feel really good about myself to share milk with others). So my supply had learned to self-regulate a bit, and that was making more of a normal supply mom instead of an oversupply Mom. There weren’t any pediatrician visits or anything like that during this month, so I’ll end this post here!
See you in the next post! (Parents got this onesie in Quebec but here’s likely the same thing on Amazon).
What have you learned or what did you experience when your baby turned eight months old? Cannot believe she was 8 months old here… 4 months until she is a year old, eek!

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  1. awe, happy 8 months, she is so cute! My daughter just turned 18 months, her first year is all a blur to me know, it goes so fast!

  2. Such a cutie! The time really does fly by. My youngest just turned two this month but when she was that age we were still breastfeeding as well and stopped right at age one. I actually really miss that phase and the bonding that came with it.

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