Vacation 2018 – Day 2 at The Sea Pines Resort

Well the RBC Heritage weekend has come and gone for about a week, but during our recent family vacation last month we enjoyed a few days on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and more specifically at The Sea Pines Resort! We arrived right after they had put up the bleachers for the tournament. Baby Margaret was a champion (albeit a tired one) from the long first leg of our family vacation, but we had wonderful weather and time outside to make up for it. From RVA metro it takes about 7-8 hours to get to Sea Pines (including going through the gates to actually arrive at your residence, and depending on if you pay the toll/have a pass to take the Cross Island Parkway).

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While I have spent lots of time here over the years, it was M and Margaret’s first visit and they both would definitely like to return. I’m assuming that for our baby girl as Margaret was smiling and loved being pushed in her stroller under the canopy of the Legacy Oaks! My gluten free picks while you are on the island? Mellow Mushroom is of course a hit if you want a reliable chain restaurant (but very popular as usual). For local eats you cannot go wrong with The Salty Dog Cafe, yummy smoothie spot Delisheeyo, Truffles Cafe, and Coast at the beautifully situated Sea Pines Beach Club. These are all restaurants “behind the gates” of The Sea Pines Resort. We were there during an unusual cool snap, so be sure to bring a cardigan and some warmer pieces to keep your “Spring Break” or family trip outfits more flexible. I was so glad I had my Lilly P long pants to grab when we headed out in the morning before it warmed up!
We know of many places to stay as well as know people who live full time or part time on the Island, but there is a big difference between Sea Pines Resort and Hilton Head Island as a whole. There is a high end resort, rentals of homes and villas and even a few AirBnbs to choose from when at Sea Pines Resort. There are many more options at all price points on Hilton Head Island as a whole. We just liked the idea of a lower traffic, more quiet private community environment on this leg of our vacation. If you are a homeowner or house hunting for a place at The Sea Pines Resort or on Hilton Head Island and are needing a property management company to keep an eye on your home when you are out of town, please contact my college classmates and business owners, The Smiths of Caretakers HHI! Their team manages homeowners residences to ensure maintenance, inspections, and care for your home is continually monitored and keep you up to date on any changes!
While we love golf, that is not a Hilton Head Island or Sea Pines Resort requirement! You can enjoy a lazy beach visit, boating, live music, historical landmarks, bike rides, horseback riding, great food and drinks, or just curling up with a good book while you get that needed Vitamin D. The entire scene is beautiful and full of activities for people of all ages. You can really enjoy yourself and set your own schedule. Seeing all the wildlife and having your camera on you helps when you go for sunset walks.
What’s your favorite spot on Hilton Head Island, or in the more private paradise of The Sea Pines Resort? We cannot wait to return sometime soon so Margaret and M can make more memories with me at Sea Pines!

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  1. We had SUCH a great time! I adore Savannah. We wanted to go on this trip but just ran out of time. It will have to be a part of our next trip for sure. They are both wonderful destinations for such different reasons!

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