2018 – my journey

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Happy New Year!!
I started the WorthyStyle blog on Google’s Blogspot platform in 2008. Previously, I had blogged since 1999/2000 on Livejournal, MySpace, and so many other places online. I’ve always loved sharing my interests, recipes, music obsessions, and fun stories with others since I was in middle school. It’s just helped me decompress, and I’ve never felt stressed by any form of competition in it. I’m sure that’s why my voice has always come across naturally to readers. I guess part of this natural voice in writing comes from writing poetry and being yearbook editor in high school – another part of this likely comes from being a member of the Gen X. I know many might think, wait, you’re from the mid 1980s. But in all honesty with two Gen X siblings who are firmly Gen X, my being the baby sibling meant I wanted to be like my older brother and half-sister – regardless of the age difference! – and technology being embraced in our home was a huge part of that. My Dad made sure we had the earliest forms of computer and internet – which helped me keep up with pen pals around the world, exchange students and roommates from around the world during boarding school, as well as international cabin mates and counselors from summer camp.

So here we are with the start of 2018. I’ve celebrated my five year wedding anniversary with my husband (Oct. 2017), I’m now the mother of a teething crawling 9-month old baby approaching her first birthday in March, and I’m ready to get back into blogging regularly! I miss the outlet – I’ve had fun on Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook – but the option to write long form posts has been missed on a more frequent basis. Our baby doesn’t really nap – which is a big part of why blogging has dropped off – and I’ve missed you all! More soon – and feel free to comment.

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