Week 32 Pregnancy Journal

#32weekspregnant #32weeks6days Here I am enjoying this fun little belly and sleeping in since she is still loving the heartburn game from 12am – 3/4am every night. People who text know I'm easiest to reach after 11:30 😅 I'm mastering the art of lounge wear – today's primo example are my circa 2000 @chatham_hall gym sweatpants and theeeeeee softest shirt M got me from one of his recent range school trips (@therangecomplex). Today's game plan is to start on Thank You notes and continue to wash onesies. But first, a nice long bathtub soak! 🛀 Tomorrow we get to have an ultrasound for the first time in the 3 weeks since Margaret's #IUGR diagnosis so we hope for LOTS of growth and only good news. Baths help me RELAX and just let the stress go as best as I can. 💗 #WorthyStyle

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How Far Along? 32 weeks

Week 32 Began: Friday, January 20

Size of Baby: a jicama (16.7″, should be at 3.75 pounds)

Gender: A girl, Margaret

Weight Gain: I had a crazy spike up on weight this week. I mentioned it during my non stress test and the OB told me to take Colace for regularity. Well, lets just say I lost about 5 pounds after that. haha. I had no idea I could be uhhh so backed up? #RealPregnancyTruths #SorryMom

Maternity Clothes: still just loafing about with the least interesting wardrobe possible. I mean, I even pulled out some sweatpants that were part of our “Winter gym uniform” in boarding school from 2000. So… yeah. Not really trying to impress anyone. I love my Barefoot Dreams cozy chic robe most of all.

Nursery: Since the room was painted we continue to get things settled in here. I started really working on washing the vintage clothes my Mom gave me that were my brother’s and mine when we were kids, and washing things I had bought anticipating this someday moment! It’s fun to fill drawers and bookshelves with items.

Movement: Margaret continues to be SUPER active which makes me happy.

Symptoms: I wish I had an in-house masseuse. Mike does a great job trying to help but I really do need to see a Pro. He does have us scheduled for a couple’s massage in February which I CANNOT wait for.

Side Effects: Insomnia blows. Also I’m always hungry. So now I’m indulging it. Perpetually thirsty but that’s because of the weather and how dry our air is, I think. (We have two humidifiers I just run all the time).

Sleep: Once I get to sleep I am reliably out 8-10 hours unless someone rings the doorbell or calls the house line… falling back to sleep once that jolts me awake is the big problem.

Cravings: Sour gummy worms.

What I Miss: Going to the bathroom being a simple thing, and not a game of Twister.

Best Moment This Week: OB telling me to take Colace and also the acetaminophen and Zantac as needed (basically stop being so conservative, Whitney). Margaret doing OK on nonstress test but not as well as we really would like to see.

What I Learned This Week: M and I are both learning more and more that we can about various kinds of deliveries. We want to go the natural route but are trying to be well versed on planned and emergency c-sections and induction methods due to the IUGR diagnosis. This includes reading: Dad’s Playbook to Labor & Birth, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, the later chapters of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, What to Expect the First Year, and Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Year. We have 4 more books to get through in the next few weeks that involve labor/birth as well!

Looking Forward To: Our ultrasound tomorrow which will be a huge deal as I could be sent straight to the hospital or we could be celebrating a great diagnosis! Fingers crossed.

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