Week 27 Pregnancy Journal

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How Far Along? 27 weeks

Week 27 Began: Friday, December 16

Size of Baby: head of cauliflower (14.5″, 2 pounds)

Gender: A girl, Margaret

Weight Gain: Not really much weight gain which I don’t know is an OK thing or not? Kinda hovering around in the 7-9 lb gained range.

Maternity Clothes: Super lazy lounge looks. I love yoga pants, shelf tank bra tops, and my collection of vintage lounge pants and t-shirts.

Nursery: Trying to figure out how the layout of the room will be with furniture both new and old.

Movement: More obvious kicks are happening and I love trying to share them with M.

Symptoms: backache, abdominal aches and pains, gas, heart burn, leg/calf cramping

Side Effects: acid reflux is terrible. I have never had this problem before so it’s totally a new thing to have to take stuff – Zantac is my new BFF

Sleep: Still getting some 10 hour nights which is marvelous. Having M with me again and also being back in our house just makes it all a lot easier for me.

Cravings: Sushi. Chocolate peanut butter everything. I even made doughnuts for the first time ever to that effect (see top of post).

What I Miss: Sushi.

Best Moment This Week: Michael FINALLY came home and he FINALLY was able to feel Margaret kick!!!

What I Learned This Week: A LOT about breastfeeding! I’m still REALLY on the breastfeeding bandwagon and am hoping so hard I can produce and do really well with that. So I am currently reading: Breastfeeding Pure and Simple from La Leche League. Super informative and not too complicated to follow!

Looking Forward To: Christmas with my husband and I reunited!

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