Week 25 Pregnancy Journal

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How Far Along? 25 weeks

Week 25 Began: Friday, December 2

Size of Baby: size of a rutabega (13.5″, 1.5 pounds)

Gender: A girl, Margaret

Weight Gain: I’m only up about 7-8 pounds since I first got pregnant, which is surprising me. I definitely am working to keep an eye on my food intake to make sure we are BOTH getting enough.

Maternity Clothes: This week my parents, Grandmother, and I went to West Virginia to The Greenbrier so I had to dress up a bit more than I had been the past week or so. It was a chilly rainy day when we headed over there so I pulled out my Gamee fur (Gamee is what we called my Great-Grandmother Jones) and was so relieved when it still fit! The dress I am wearing in the post at the top is by Ted Baker and is called the Tarala body con dress. It is SO comfy and chic for a non-maternity dress. Fully lined and is now on sale on ASOS for a great price!

Nursery: For Small Business Saturday I got a few items from our local baby shop called Baby’s First Gifts. I totally forgot to mention that in my last post! A Mother Goose nursery book, a few simple basic things like that.

Movement: Definitely more movement. Still very subtle because placenta is still anterior.

Symptoms: Ugh, the heartburn has begun and it SUCKS!

Side Effects: my nails are breaking. Which is weird as I have not changed anything about my diet or prenatals so that bums me out – I just had my nails done and had hoped they would last through the holidays… oh well!

Sleep: Still working out in my favor a lot of the time… but it is harder and harder to get moving before 10am.

Cravings: Hot fudge sundaes. Hot chocolate. Chocolate anything, really. My Mom gave me her container of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered ginger which has been AWESOME for a night-time snack.

What I Miss: Sushi. Stinky soft French cheeses. Raw oysters. Mimosas.

Best Moment This Week: My first unsolicited belly rub – thankfully it came from my Mom – not a stranger! She is so excited about her first grandbaby – she is 72 so she has waited a LONG TIME for this moment!! Also going to The Greenbrier with my Dad, Mom, and Grandmama for my Dad’s birthday. It was our first family visit since my Grandpapa passed away which made it bittersweet. I think we all thought we were prepared to be there without him but it hit all of us in different ways… that said, it was a good outing as a family unit.

What I Learned This Week: my glucose test went REALLY well which was great. Basically I didn’t even fast and I was still really low so I am kinda given carte blanche on what I am eating and snacking on. Feeling really good about that! No more appointments until the new year. Blood pressure is also really good so lots of relief heading into the holidays. I think all of this health news boils down to my staying on the Metformin my fertility doc put me on – it has kept everything in check for sure.

Looking Forward To: Everyday M and I try to talk, so I’m looking forward to hearing his voice and hearing about his day as he is still out of town.

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