Week 24 Pregnancy Journal

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How Far Along? 24 weeks

Week 24 Began: Friday, November 25

Size of Baby: length of an ear of corn (1.3 pounds)

Gender: A girl, Margaret

Weight Gain: I actually didn’t weigh myself this week since my last OB appt told me I was on the low end and wanted to enjoy the holiday weekend without guilt!

Maternity Clothes: Since I’m staying in my hometown for a while and I’m not working anymore I’m tapering into more casual stuff. I’ve loved expanding my loungewear and athletic options – still not specifically maternity but my yoga pants… which continue to be really comfy since they can be over the tummy or rolled under! Lots of fun finding out from week to week what tops still fit as my bust continues to expand. These shelf bra tops are a favorite of mine!

Nursery: Nothing really going on here since I’m not home right now. I have been going through boxes of stuff from here at my parents house to sort things to go in the nursery which of course Dad loves as it frees up space in his storerooms… haha.

Movement: Definitely can tell what is the baby and what is gas now…! Can feel a vague general sloshing if I flip from one side to the other while I sleep.

Symptoms: No real symptoms. I’m pretty boring for a pregnant person… for now. My nails keep going from being strong and bionic to being super delicate which is annoying. Same with my hair. Sleepiness is a real thing! I want to just hibernate.

Side Effects: Gas, honestly nothing much else!


Cravings: Good savory foods. There is a great place here in Lex called Blue Phoenix and they have awesome gluten free/vegan club sandwich that has artichoke hearts and avocado and cheese… etc etc. It is one of my favorite things right now. Also my Mom’s turkey corn chowder. Mom and Dad’s chili. Dad’s broccoli/asparagus with hollandaise sauce. Mom’s caramel cake.

What I Miss: Gluten-y sushi. Still. The occasional rum & Coke.

Best Moment This Week: Going out on a cold but sunny day with Lily to walk the Chessie Trail here in Lexington. We did over 8,000 steps which for me is really good. My goal everyday is 5,000 steps as my parents house is multi-floored and going up and down all the flights of stairs is not the same as just walking around. Another great moment was captured in the photo at the top of the post – Lexington’s Christmas parade! It was HUGE this year and a lot of fun. I’m pictured with a girl I’ve known since pre-school so it was great seeing Tara and catching up!

What I Learned This Week: Currently reading: The Happiest Baby on the Block, Second Edition by Harvey Karp. Learned about the 5 S’s and more ideas on how to calm the baby. This book was frequently referred to us by friends so we wanted to check it out… pretty sure it could’ve been shorter! But another takeaway was tips on how to do baby massage, which I started doing when I was nannying and it seemed to go over really well for that little girl, so I look forward to seeing how/if Margaret likes it as well!

Looking Forward To: Getting a Christmas tree at my parents house – M usually likes getting one with me pretty soon after Thanksgiving (at a cut-your-own place) and my parents are not as uhhh… enthusiastic about it as I am. Which is hard, but it’s their house so it’s just another weird thing to get used to as I stay with them this holiday season.

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