Week 23 Pregnancy Journal

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

How Far Along? 23 weeks

Week 23 Began: Friday, November 18

Size of Baby: large mango (just over a pound)

Gender: A girl, Margaret

Weight Gain: Up 6-8 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (fluctuating all over map this week due to the holiday!).

Maternity Clothes: I have really enjoyed wearing the dress in the photo at the top of this post (Similar). I got it at Nordstrom in the New Savvy department. Brand is called ASTR and the wrap front is so great for layering with a shelf bra or tank. The lower half may be too much leg for many, but I’ve been wearing it with knee-high or my suede thigh high boots for added coverage. The midi length is great for flat or high heeled boots!

Nursery: Not much movement here – still working on organizing everything and going through stuff to prepare to change our home office and the guest bedroom into a home office/guest BR and then the other room become the nursery.

Movement: Annoyingly, not really. Anterior placenta continues to make only the biggest of kicks obvious to me. But they are becoming more frequent!

Symptoms: I’m finally showing – have really great hair color and cut now to last through the holidays – and some fresh nails to hopefully last until January.

Side Effects: Gas, having to go more frequently, hunger is increasing so I’m trying to get into the habit of frequent healthy snacks, no swelling or anything but legs or wrist/fingers will fall asleep if I’m in one position too long.

Sleep: No more work so I can really sleep whenever I want! Which means my body never wants to other than the normal-ish evening hours… haha!

Cravings: Food Lion brand orange sherbet. Sabra hummus. Santitas tortilla chips.

What I Miss: Gluten-y sushi. A good wine over Thanksgiving dinner. Champagne when we celebrated my cousin Brandt’s birthday this week.

Best Moment This Week: When my Mom and I had the picture from the top of this post taken on Thanksgiving. The light was perfect. It was a lovely day albeit a long one for me visiting lots of family!

What I Learned This Week: Currently reading: Feed Yourself, Feed Your Family: Good Nutrition and Healthy Cooking for New Moms and Growing Families by La Leche League. Learned about how to add in more vegetables to my diet, good snacking ideas, and the book actually had great recipe ideas or adaptations for basic stuff I have made for years. Also some good tips on meals that will freeze well!

Looking Forward To: M coming home. He will be leaving this weekend for an unknown amount of time, so I will be staying with my parents which is good… but it’s still going to be hard and stressful to be without him while going through all of these changes.

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