Fertility funnies: the weird stuff you cry about

Fertility treatments mean hormone-boosting meds. This boost also means my emotions are all over the place. I cry over some appropriately-sentimental stuff, but then I also cry over things that are absolutely not sentimental… at least not when I think about my life before treatments. And that’s when the sobbing turns into laughter… anyway, here are some of my favorites:

The ‘Be Our Guest’ opening sequence to a ‘Dancing with the Stars’ episode (yeah I don’t get it either… still…)

Prince’s Diamonds and Pearls music video…

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign ad with the QuinceaƱera dance practice between Dad and daughter.

The etiquette school scene from “A League of Their Own”

“Big” movie sleepover scene on the trampoline

Girls Preparatory School, or “GPS,” the sister school of my brother’s boarding school, The McCallie School, posted this amazing video (“Don’t let the world tell your girl who she is.”) which really resonated with me and my all-girls boarding school experience at Chatham Hall:

So… anyone else have any funny-weird… or genuinely sweet things that you cried over during your fertility treatments or during your pregnancy?

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