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I recently had my first spray tan experience at Malibu Tans RVA after years of wondering about how it all works… let me tell you… I wish I hadn’t waited so long! I’m so pleased and impressed by how beautiful my color turned out – it was natural-looking and lasted for 10 days (thanks to Alison’s guidelines!).

Meet Alison, RVA’s #1 spray tanner for over 5 years!

Alison has over 8 years of experience with airbrush tanning/spray tanning – and over 12 years within the industry! She has seen it all and has amazing suggestions for pre-tan care and after care when you leave her beautiful business in the West End. One of the first things we discussed was how dark I wanted to go. I told her since I was so fair I didn’t want to look ridiculous, but it would be amazing if I was darker than usual. I think she found the perfect shade for me, which she writes down in each clients file so she can remember it for future visits – isn’t that helpful? Just like when you get your hair colored with the same hairstylist and they write down your formula. It’s so convenient and that extra detail always leaves me with such a positive impression… they care about us looking good!

Since Alison knew I had Celiac disease, she also chose a gluten free tanning spray for me, which was really thoughtful since this spray would be applied to my face and full body. All of the tans at Malibu Tans RVA are paraben-free and organic. Again… amazing attention to detail. I chose to wear a throwaway thong and go topless for this tan… as few tan lines as possible, right? Since it was RVA Fashion Week, I knew I’d be out and about attending events and I didn’t want any obvious lines anywhere. I was totally comfortable in the Malibu Tans RVA space and the process. While Alison sprayed each coat, she would ask me to show a specific limb or turn a certain way so the color was as evenly applied as possible. I was really impressed how quickly I was in and out for my first visit – barely 30 minutes! Did I mention I booked online? Great for all of you ladies on the go.

Here I am at RVA Fashion Week during the Finale Fashion Show about 6 hours after my tan was applied… I made sure to not get wet or sweaty and you can’t even see anything different about me – except, I’m not wearing any face makeup – that’s just from my still-developing tan!

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Pre-tan care is SO important! It can make or break your tan and helps you with having real staying power. I exfoliated my face and body two days before tanning – I used the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel on my face and the Farmhouse Fresh Coconut Beach scrub on my body. Two days so then any potential reaction or moisturizing factors would be gone by the time the tan was sprayed on. Before arriving at Malibu Tans RVA, I put an oversized beach towel – bath sheet sized on my leather car seats so I wouldn’t stain my car! I waxed/shaved the day before my tan, too.

After-tan care is also incredibly important. I wore out of Malibu Tans a loose-fitting, navy blue sundress that has a shelf bra. Super easy and prevented any tan solution removal. I went home recalling Alison’s skincare tips and realized many items I owned had mineral oil or other not-recommended items… including many “organic” or eco-friendly lines… so I went to the store and grabbed these two products to use after I rinsed (24 hours later): Aveeno body wash and lotion – both in this great summer scent of coconut. I really think using those two products really saved my tan so it lasted ten full days!

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Here’s my post-tan selfie – note the loose-fitting dress and towel on car seat!

Additional after-care tips? I didn’t shower for 24 hours to let the color fully develop. I kept myself from sweating or getting wet in the rain. I didn’t workout during that first 24 hours. I took short, cool showers, and didn’t shave until a few days in. I didn’t go swimming in a pool and didn’t get in hot tubs, either. I think all of these items really helped extend my tan to 10 days. It really was amazing to watch it develop color! That said, if you are REALLY on-the-go, she does have an express option (She sprays it on just like regular tanning solution but you wash it off after only 1-3 hours)!

Here is my skin tone after the RVA Fashion Week event, about 8+ hours after Alison sprayed me.

Here is my skin tone right before I rinsed off in the shower, after 24 hours of developing.

Here’s how my skin turned out after I took my rinse-off shower – several shades darker than usual, but not too dark to look dramatically artificial – and super flattering!

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Location: Malibu Tans RVA is located at Skipwith and Parham (3210 Skipwith Road Richmond, Virginia 23294)

Two for One special: Alison is currently running a promotion for buy two tans get one free.

You should definitely go visit Alison at Malibu Tans RVA and tell her WorthyStyle sent you!

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