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I just finished up a loaf of the most amazing gluten free bread – and finished up a delicious tray of chocolate brownie mix this past week – they’re from this (new to me) brand called Our House, which is under the House-Autry Mills company out of North Carolina. I was sent a box of their gluten free chocolate brownie mix and bread mix to try and I am really impressed!

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Do you still have doubts about gluten free cooking? How about gluten free mixes versus made from scratch? Maybe you feel like me – and the woman in this interview below – where we have Celiac and it’s hard to justify the reason gluten-free companies are charging so much for frozen bread. Sad, right?

Well, I am a total convert to the Our House brand of mixes. The brownie mix is $4.79 and produced a dense, rich, thick and fudgy chocolate brownie that filled up a tray like any other mix brand. It was about 16 brownies – because, remember, with gluten free recipes you do not want to have huge slices because it can possibly you sick from the fiber. The Our House Chocolate Brownie Mix is not just gluten free, it is also vegan and uses non-GMO ingredients. Also, the sodium is not as high as many gluten free mixes can be, which is a huge plus for me as well. As you can see in the posts below – the mix came out looking similar to your gluten-based mix, and it was the best brownie I’ve had since before my Celiac diagnosis.

I was also able to enjoy the Our House Bread mix, which is $6.29 on their website. It isn’t just gluten free, like the brownie mix it is vegan-friendly and non-GMO ingredients. The bread mix created a beautiful loaf (even if I overcooked the top a tiny bit – those little bits were yummy late night nibbles when I pulled it out of the oven)! The biggest tip is to make sure you warm the water – that one facet doesn’t change when you bake gluten free bread. As you can see from the post I made on Instagram, this bread was VERY different from your standard gluten free bread – it didn’t have to stay refrigerated or frozen to keep it from going stale, it was delicious right off the cutting board, toasted, or as a panini sandwich base. Absolutely delicious and not heavy or too dense.

As you can see, the bread looks beautiful and it really tasted incredible! I give Our House brand two thumbs up for sure. I’m excited to buy their other gluten free mixes. Their other mixes available are:

  • Pancake & Waffle mix
  • All-purpose baking mix
  • All-purpose flour
  • Cookie mix
  • Cornbread mix

I hope to someday try each of them in the future – hint hint! – but also look forward to seeing them at my local grocery. They currently sell them regionally at Food Lion, Harris Teeter, and Ingalls groceries.

Have you ever tried Our House? What is your favorite combo to go on a sandwich? Do you typically eat your brownies ร  la Mode or solo to fully enjoy the chocolate-y goodness? Let me know!

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4 thoughts on “Sponsored Post: Our House gluten free brownie and bread mixes

  1. They are so delicious – thank you for the kind words. The things you'd think people could get right the first time around with technology these days… haha. That said, Our House is worth the wait! So grateful.

  2. Hey! It's me! My claim to fame ๐Ÿ˜‰

    They certainly were tasty and I had never done a live tasting/interview before…LOL..I tried hard to be calm and not say stupid things…

    It seems they even have a couple different mixes that I didnt try when I saw them in the store. We are certainly enjoying them. My daughter and I both have an intolerance…and my middle is a high functioning Asperger ( and research tells me these kids do better with GF lifestyle) and my youngest had multiple food allergies, and even though he has outgrown most of them he still has excema which has pretty much gone away with our Gluten Free lifestyle. Its been 3 1/2 yrs now. Would be great if this brand took off and becomes a favorite!

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