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Note: These products were given to me for free to review, but I was under no obligation (and was not paid) to write a positive review. If I was paid to write this post, you would see “sponsored post” in the blog post title.

I know what you’re likely thinking – what is legwear? First off, let me say, if you haven’t been wearing fitted ‘socks’ for your ballet flats and other flat-soled shoes, you’ve seriously been missing out. Secondly, Kushyfoot has gone right to the top of the list in my legwear drawer because they actually fit my foot (which isn’t a weird size, it’s a pretty generic 8.5). Kushyfoot sells legwear, foot covers, knee highs, tights, socks, slippers, and their foldable Flats to Go®.

Ladies, there is something we don’t really talk about, and it’s how you probably don’t protect your feet and your shoes like you should. When we are working or lounging around in our fave flats (or anklets to protect our bootie shoes), unless we are wearing a foot cover we are slowly destroying the insole of our shoe. Not only that, but you’re probably sweating and potentially creating a dirty environment for your foot. Gross, right? Personally, I’ve been wearing a couple different brands that offer ‘foot covers’ for ten years now. And my shoe insoles have ended up staying in great shape and I’ve had no issue reselling or consigning my shoes because I’ve protected both my investment and my foot itself. But the other brands I’ve tried were sized too small, and while they protected the ankle in some instances, they did not help with pain on the ball of the foot.

That’s where Kushyfoot is different. They are long enough to go around the ankle and fully cover the toes, as well as having a cushion pad on the ball of the foot or massaging lines across the bottom of the foot. Life’s too short – protect your damn feet!

How I wear Kushyfoot:

  • Flats to Go® – perfect to just keep in your purse. Literally foldable flats that are perfect to put on after you’ve been out with girlfriends or on your feet all day at work. I have the black patent and they’re super simple but also provide sweet relief!
  • The sheer anklet – ideal for booties and other ankle-length shoes. Perfect way to transition your Mary Jane heels from Indian Summer into Winter!
  • Extreme lace foot cover – really low cut but perfect for any flats where you want to show off toe clevage!
  • Swiss Dot foot cover – really cute with feminine details such as the swiss dots and subtle scalloped hemline

I’ve worn these to the gym, I’ve worn them to work, and I’ve worn them out with friends. They wash great, dry without crazy shrinkage, and haven’t deteriorated in quality over the past two months.

All in all, I think that these Kushyfoot legwear pieces are great and I cannot recommend the brand enough. They have all kinds of styles and materials that really open up the field of options for this niche market in footwear. The price point is excellent, and why wouldn’t you want to protect your feet and your footwear?

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