WorthyStyle x Modani living room design

Hey all! Long time no post. Wanted to share with you the fun Polyvore I dreamed up this evening. Kind-of like arts and crafts for tech aware people, yes? I could lose hours going on there and designing rooms and fun outfit combos. While you have seen my clothing and accessories related posts from Polyvore, this home decor set will be the first on WorthyStyle!

What do you think of my modern living room look? I’ve always loved modern architecture and style. In an ideal world, when I retire I will end up in some beautiful waterfront or desert locale with a gorgeous energy efficient modern home. Maybe even a passive solar one, like my parents place in the Blue Ridge Mountains…

At some point in the past few years I became a huge fan of the color gray – some of my favorite work wardrobe items are in that color and I love it in interior design, too. I decided that this room would look more moody with a gray interior paint and a very simple color palette. The black sofa is one of many Modani sells so check out their selection of modern sofas. I feel like while the couch is leather it’s really quite family friendly and durable – perfect for any home for many years to come!

I’m absolutely obsessed with the floor lamp – such a mid century modern look to it. Also, I’ve seen jute rugs in interiors similar to this one, but now I’m not convinced I made the right choice here – what do you all think? Maybe a plain bamboo flooring would work better?

Do you ever dream up interior design looks on Polyvore – rather than endlessly Pinning items on Pinterest?

WorthyStyle x Modani modern living room

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12 thoughts on “WorthyStyle x Modani living room design

  1. thank you for sharing your inspiration board. The blue is one of my favorite colors for room decor lately, I enjoy seeing spaces that use that shade. I really like the lamp and the modern chair you have picked for the inspiration board.

  2. Dove grey sounds SO pretty. I never thought about it with a kitchen, but that sounds really clean with appliances and such. What is your backsplash color? Lots of potential!

  3. It is great for the right home – I know I'm learning a lot as renovations continue on the house – you can put modern in a Colonial if there are some changes to the interior environment… but I can't see modern in La Petit Village! 🙂

  4. Thank you lady! I plan to do a lot more in the coming weeks on the blog again. I've probably said that a million times before but now I mean it… !


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