Sponsored Post: Riviera Spas available for purchase at JoPa Company

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Maryland-based Riviera Spas have been available exclusively at JoPa Company for the past ten years. Spas, or hot tubs as many call them, have vastly changed as technology has improved in the past twenty years. No more do you have the bulky, ugly eyesore hot tubs of the 1980s. Today an outdoor spa can be an elegant addition to any property – whether on a reinforced deck or ground-level patio.

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JoPa Company has three remaining Riviera Spa 2013 models on the floor but they’d be happy to educate you on the sizing, options, and colors – yes colors! – available for purchase through their vendor. Most Riviera Spas hold 5 – 8 adults, with a galvanized steel frame, solid polyethylene bottom, stainless steel jets and insulated cabinet. Consider the benefits of hydrotherapy with Riviera‘s ergonomically designed seats and the warm heat easing your aches and pains. Enjoy a Riviera Spa year-round in your outdoor space, unlike your swimming pool!

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Each spa has digital controls and an LED lighting system for fun, personalized touches. Rest easy with the low-maintenance design as every Riviera Spa includes an ABS floor/pan system to remain impervious to water, dirt and bugs. Riviera Spas have environmentally-safe acrylic shells; you no longer have to worry about fiberglass in your outdoor spa. The previously-mentioned galvanized steel frame is 30% lighter than former hot tub models, preventing any warping, rotting or rusting with your system. These spas meet or exceed California’s Title 20 energy efficiency regulations, keeping your spa cost-effective.

Riviera Spas are modern, sleek and elegant additions to your home, visit JoPa Company today to explore your options!

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