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JoPa Company in Richmond, Virginia, is introducing a fun, new and creative group activity to the Holiday Season. Firetainment is a luxury fire table company based out of Orlando, Florida, and JoPa is the exclusive vendor for their “Firetaining” centers. These beautiful pieces have already made such a strong impression on regular clients shopping at JoPa that one of the three floor models has already sold in the first few days!

Since 2011, Firetainment specializes in fire tables – a unique name play on the traditional fire pit. These tables are an entertaining center, with the functionality of a grill plus the charm and warmth of a fire pit. You may be thinking of a generic fire pit and how it functions as a camp grill, but Firetainment takes these concepts to a whole new level.
You can prepare an entire meal for your family while enjoying the outdoors (or semi-outdoors) at your own home. JoPa has two full cooking sets from Firetainment to go along with your fire table purchase from their floor – these include a 14” cast iron griddle, universal cooking mount, oven mitts, two Himalayan salt blocks, and a surface thermometer. Imagine preparing seafood, meats or vegetables while also having shared family time around the fire table – no need to sit inside while one person grills – the whole family can participate!

Firetainment provides a selection of designs to complement the décor for any home. JoPa’s sales assistants can help you decide between an in-stock model, or a special order direct from Firetainment with a two-week turnaround period.
WorthyStyle-Firetainment-cyprus2-980x490-lazy susan-JoPa-Richmond
The table surfaces can be granite, concrete or quartz, table edging with a rock face or buffed rounded edge and a copper or hammered aluminum top. Fire glass can be chosen in a variety of colors to coordinate or contrast with your tabletop selection. You can even purchase a matching lazy susan to cover the fire glass and make the tabletop an outdoor dining table.

Firetainment fire tables are designed to be connected to a gas line or a 20 lb propane tank. 40,000 BTUs will power many a special evening outside with family and friends! The bases are typically powder coated aluminum so you can easily access the hookups whenever needed for maintenance. The two height options of 21” or 24” tall easily accommodate a lounge setting or meal dining height for whatever purpose you dream up.  Think about the benefit of no ashes or dirt! JoPa’s staff will be happy to provide input and guidance during the selection process.

Come visit JoPa Company this holiday season and give the gift the entire family will enjoy 
– a Firetainment fire table!
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4 thoughts on “Sponsored Post: JoPa is Richmond’s Exclusive Firetainment Vendor

  1. I am actually liking this fire pit. I think it's great for colder fall days when you still would like to be able to hang outside on your patio.The Mr and his friends love the have a cigar in the afternoon, so something like this would be perfect to sit by. Thank you for sharing!

  2. That sounds perfect to me! Cigars, socialization and/or dinner – a lot of quality time with the people who are important in your life. Let me know if you end up getting a Firetainment table or a fire pit!

  3. Can you imagine how awesome it'd be to have both comfy furniture and a fire pit on your patio/back yard? Heaven! Plus these elevated ones will keep the dogs away 😀

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