Modcloth layered looks for Fall 2014

ModCloth fashionable layered look

I’ve always loved Fall. It’s my favorite season and has the best weather here in Virginia. I love to layer my clothes, which is perfect, as ModCloth recently contacted me about their Fall 2014 collections and their featured vintage style trends. The inspiration of this post is a casual weekend out of town with friends. Maybe a high school football game on Friday night, apple picking on Saturday, and a cozy brunch inside on Sunday. The requirements? Those comfy layered outfits, following a less-is-more approach when filling up your weekend duffle. Cardigans and sweaters get paired with classic tops and just one pair of jeans and shoes (Ladies, it can be done)!

A classic cotton flannel shirt, like the Craft Cider Tasting top from Modcloth, is perfect when hanging with a younger crowd if it’s layered, 90s grunge style, over a classic tee – Modcloth has many unique ones in a variety of colors. Perfectly laid back for a fun night at your best friend’s high school, sipping cider from a Dixie cup and eating some pizza. Saturday apple picking – such as at Carter Mountain Orchard here in Central Virginia (a favorite spot, personally speaking) – is a place where you might need a heavier top layer. You never know what kind of winds and temps are up there on the mountain, so a cozy sweater from ModCloth is what I chose for this day’s outfit. I like the pattern of the Layer On the Charm sweater, which can easily be worn over the Brewery Tour de Force top (check out Devil’s Backbone brewery for sustenance after your Carter Mountain Orchard adventure, btw). On Sunday, as you recover from your apple and beer coma, cozy up to the Breakfast in Bed top, with the A Fireplace to Call Home cardigan giving you a built-in blanket while you watch Sunday football or catch up on your magazines.

One of the things I have learned over the years is that a great pair of jeans are resilient. You really do not need to wash them a lot. I cannot remember the last time I washed my J Brand jeans – they don’t smell, aren’t stained, and have that perfect broken-in feel – so it’s likely been at least 3 months since their last wash. The pair here are their new Martini flare jeans, which retail for $224 at Nordstrom. Flares are coming back! As a taller person, I love that, as they look great with any kind of shoe. Another thing about a chill weekend away with friends? No heels necessary. Check out these classic Chucks, I had to throw them in as they’re timeless! Perfect for fun outings and wearing around a rented house at Wintergreen or the like. Comfy to go trekking about (although maybe not for hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway). Such a classic sneaker. The J.Crew Excursion vest is a great closet staple and wonderful to add one more layer of added warmth to these outfits. The perfect topper to some pretty cozy, layered looks for this Fall 2014.

What do you enjoy wearing on a casual weekend?{not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own with no compensation}

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12 thoughts on “Modcloth layered looks for Fall 2014

  1. Happy to hear that you enjoy using ModCloth, Farrah! I am sure their clothes are perfect for that age group – can get all kinds of on-trend, fun items for her!

  2. Hehe glad I'm not the only one skimping on washing my jeans. J Brands get comfier the more you wear them anyway.

    I love that flannel top by the way! And the cream top…so many wants!

  3. Isn't the flannel top classic? We need to go shopping together. I think we'd get into a lot of trouble 😀
    I love the sleeve of the cream top – so feminine!

  4. Fall is SO great. Agree on the humidity. We Virginians certainly do suffer until the cold snaps in! I am a big fan of scarves, too. My Mom just keeps giving me more I finally had to beg her for no more, a hanger covered/layered/hidden by all of them. haha

  5. Love all of these fall pieces! They are perfect! We love layering with plaids and vests and scarves! Also love Devil's Backbone Brewery. Such a great place to visit!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

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