Goodness gracious

Hello all,

Goodness gracious has the summer gotten me away from this blog. My most sincere apologies to anyone who still gives a damn. From personal life “stuff” to the desire to continue to be more fit and active I really have neglected this corner of my world. Now that all of my graduate student friends have once again returned to classes and TA-ing, and Labor Day holiday weekend has come and gone, I hope to be more devoted to updating on WorthyStyle.

So, what have I been up to all summer? I hope you will enjoy the past three months in summary, provided by pics from my Instagram account:
My family and I went to the Outer Banks for a week in June, taking with us my cousin L (who was about to start her third trimester of her first pregnancy!). Her husband works crazy long hours and shes a sister to me so we had fun doing all of the things we used to do as kids:

I chased an ice cream truck playing Christmas music to get us some popsicles

I worked on my short game (golf)

I got some sun (well, a pasty girl can dream!)

(So did Lily)

Bruder (my brother J) and I made drip castles

Mom found the largest shell we have found outside of Florida in years – this beautiful, perfect whelk! – hanging out half-buried in a tidal pool with tons of people around

We played many games of Cards Against Humanity with my Mom saying EVERY OBSCENE thing on those cards (mortifying/hysterical) while my Dad frowned behind his newspaper. We “kids” could not keep it together around her. Here are some good examples similar to what was played. Imagine a woman about to turn 70 saying these, these, or these out loud [obviously offensive and/or incredibly profane].

A couple weeks later, I went to Lexington to celebrate my Grandpapa’s 85th birthday

And work was really cool about screening the World Cup games for us to watch live

In July, I had fun at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, picking up items because I had gone through my closet and realized many of my clothes just do not fit – even my shoe size has changed

Also in July, my GF S from RMC had her third brain/spine procedure and was in the hospital for a couple weeks, so many of my nights included hanging out with her watching the Orioles and Food Network/Cooking Channel programs – for the past few weeks she has been settling into her PhD program at Penn State so how’s that for recovery?!

Seriously though, she is such a fighter and I love her for it!

At some point I somehow managed a DIY project of making a moderately-attractive diaper wreath for the aforementioned L, whose baby is due in just a couple weeks!

Mom and I had never hosted an event before, it was so much fun and I hope we can do it again in the future for any kind of occasion

And last but certainly not least, in celebration of a recent promotion and my 29th birthday, I joined the ACAC Short Pump and I’ve loved it!

I hope you all have had a great summer making lots of memories, and you’ll be reading more from me soon.


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  1. Go us! And go sunscreen. I really try to get the 30 min Vitamin D exposure everyday, and love how the sun feels on my skin… but sunscreen and looking young is where it's at!

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