Friday’s Fancies: Summer Nights!

This month’s Friday’s Fancies from {long distance loving} is fun for me as it best reflects my personal style. I have had a lot of good times going out this summer – honestly making it a priority in my life for the first time in a long time. Going out when I have all of the stress from work in my system means I am purging all of that negative energy… instead of letting it sit there and consume me over a few days. In the summer I try to wear dresses as much as possible – I’m so much more comfortable in our southern heat if I am in a dress! – and going out at night means I swap out my ballet flats to some fun heels.

I’m struggling to remember with my weight loss that my body is different, it means that while I’m looking in the mirror and sometimes seeing the same girl, she really isn’t the same and I need to learn to accept that. My body change means clothing I used to pull on weekly just does not work for me anymore – it has been difficult to realize but I’m slowly getting there. Anyone have any tips for that? (Besides lingerie shopping because let’s be honest that’s a lot more fun now!). It also means shopping is less of a chore, as I have been trying to explore more contemporary fashion labels. I have always known the labels, loved them really, but I’ve always convinced myself to not spend the money. Now I do and it’s a blast. It makes starting my day a lot more fun and I find myself trying to be more creative with accessories and garment pairings.

Does anyone else love up-and-coming label Nonoo? I’ve loved her collections the past couple years, and seeing her as a CFDA finalist certainly has made it more exciting to see how she grows her brand. The dress by her is in the Polyvore below (left side) and really could be a Milly, a Trina Turk, a DVF. As a woman herself, her clothes always look perfect for many bodytypes and for the transition of day-to-night. The DVF on the right in the below Polyvore is beautiful on. It is such a great fit-and-flare style for girls like me (large bust and wide-hipped, but long waisted). The pattern-mixing and piping just makes it all the more fun for a chic dinner out. At work I’d pair it with a fitted black suit jacket.

What do you wear and what do you enjoy doing during our summer nights?

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