A new work handbag from the Coach outlet

You may remember that last year I did two posts regarding Coach and their bags – more specifically in the style of unisex or mens accessories such as a commuter bag or briefcase. One was a Billy Reid collaboration, here. The second was regarding the menswear or menswear-inspired options from the Coach Legacy collection, here.

Well, three weeks ago I went ahead and bit the bullet. I purchased this gorgeous black calfskin leather menswear briefcase from Coach. I believe it is called the Lexington leather metropolitan tote. There are vintage ones with a flap, mine is the five-section version with three zippered top pockets (one which is an outside pocket) as well as two large pockets with magnetic closure. It is perfect for a laptop, iPad, legal-sized note pads, legal files and the like.

It really looks like a legal-sized briefcase with a removable shoulder strap. I am absolutely delighted. The Bleeker commuter is currently available from Coach directly and it is similar in style.

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The Lexington was displayed and available in a chestnut color with brass trim, but I felt as though the black gives it a bit more polish, looks more luxe and appropriately formal for a work bag. I think when I get a chestnut bag I will go for a satchel silhouette.

The bag was in the menswear section of the Coach outlet in Williamsburg. I know, outlet shopping. When entering the store, I noticed that the women’s accessories were only available in that weird brushed fabric – maybe it is coated leather – and that isn’t what I am looking for. (Unless it is a solid color, and then it is just not in my personal taste). Not one single bag in that women’s section was calfskin, so I am going to assume that Coach store was just an exclusive factory outlet with zero discounted regular store handbags in stock.

When I went into the men’s section it was completely different. Every bag was calfskin. It was like walking into a leather goods store, which is what I had intended on finding in the women’s section. Regardless, I zeroed in on my bag. Interestingly, the Lex tote is factory-exclusive, as there is an F in the style number for the bag. So I cannot really figure out the quality difference, but it was quite telling.

Benefit of outlet shopping is the deal I got for the bag:
Original MSRP: $598.00
Priced at: $459.00
The store was having a 30% off promotion: $321.30
I had an extra 20% off promotion: $257.04

In terms of price point, this purchase made me quite happy.

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18 thoughts on “A new work handbag from the Coach outlet

  1. Being in the UK, I know nothing abut Coach but saw your comment on Lisa's blog today – and just wanted to come by and rub your shoulder by way of old internet.

  2. i have been looking for a leather briefcase too, and have also been looking at leather bags from roots. i like how sleek this one looks. too bad there are no coach outlets near where i live! congrats on a great buy. M is right. you deserve it! xo

  3. Coach is wonderful if you look at their more classic pieces and their Legacy collection! Across the pond, I would compare it to Anya Hindmarch or LK Bennett. Thank you for being so kind to comment.

  4. Thank you – I really cannot believe how much fits in here without it getting too heavy or annoyingly bulky (although it is big, as I learned at a RVA Fashion Week event last week).

  5. I am not familiar with roots – do you think I'd like their stuff? This bag really is so sleek! BTW, I know there is a Coach outlet at the Niagara Falls outlet mall… and a few others in upstate NY? 🙂


  6. Hi Jillian! Thank you for the comment, I will be sure to check out the giveaway. (In my long-day-at-work state, I honestly thought you were giving away a Rickshaw. haha!)


  7. Thank you! I feel like if a brand makes a retail option and a outlet option, and I really like the outlet option more than if not the same as the higher-priced (never on sale) retail bag… why would I spent $800 vs. $250 and change? Just seems like common sense to me! Thank you for the comments on here.


  8. That is how I feel! I really love their classic pieces and feel like maybe I have aged out of their more fun-colored/patterned collections. It really is so useful!

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