Friday’s Fancies: May 2014

April showers bring May flowers,
That is what they say.
But if all the showers turned to flowers,
We’d have quite a colourful day!

There’d be bluebells and cockleshells,
Tulips red and green,
Daffodils and Chinese squill,
The brightest you’ve ever seen.

You’d see tiger lilies and water lilies,
Carnations pink and blue,
Forget-me-not and small sundrop
Glistening with the dew.

We’d have fireweed and milkweed
And many more different flowers.
Mexican star and shooting star,
Falling in the showers.

And if all the showers turned to flowers
On that rainy April day,
Would all the flowers turn to showers
In the sunny month of May?

attributed to Karen Chappell
Are you as happy for May as I am? April 30 ended the month with 3.5″ of rain at our house, following several days straight of rain – not as bad as places like panhandle Florida or Chicago, but long enough to make the front yard sound like Rice Krispies! The total for the week has been about 5.5″ – too much for such a short period of time. I am dreaming up luxe floral skirts for this month’s Friday’s Fancies since May flowers are the theme – sometimes you just want to add a beautiful skirt that can be worn to work or on date night. I read a quote from Rachel Zoe at some point this Spring saying that a white moto jacket was one of her biggest go-to items for Spring 2014, so I decided to let the skirts be the focus and just add some subtle edge with the moto jacket and those fierce earrings (top left corner).

Friday's Fancies: May 2014

Are you in love with all of the various florals being offered in stores this season?

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