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I thought some of you might be interested in hearing how my stats have been since my polycystic ovarian syndrome diagnosis in December. Here are some stats – the body measurements have been since last January:

  • Weight – 19 lbs down {since I got my FitBit in Jan 2013}
  • Weight – 7.5 lbs down {since I started my medications on the day of my official PCOS diagnosis}
  • BMI – 1.8 down
  • Pudge – 2″ down
  • Hips – 3″ down
  • Chest – 3″ down
  • Waist – 4″ down (natural waist)
  • Thighs – 7″ down
  • Forearms – 1.5″ down
  • Bicep – 2″ down
  • Calf – 2″ down
  • Neck – 2″ down

In all honesty, the neck thing probably surprised me the most.

How do I keep track of these items? Using the FitBit on the computer, I can just log measurements in as I do them – and I really do them sparingly, maybe once every 6 weeks, while the weight I log in every week at least once. I also use the FitBit app for iOS to track my water intake for the day. That is really important since one of my medications also works as a diuretic.

What else do I do for my personal health? Well, I have never been a bad eater. So the biggest thing for me was water consumption and going back to working out more intensely. That means I have brought back my kettlebell workout books and DVDs, as well as doing my ExhaleSpa CoreFusion workouts. I tried Tracey Anderson and that routine made me look like an idiot. I honestly was falling down and tripping over myself every minute. I attempted it for two weeks but I just could not pick up the steps. Win some, lose some. Working out with the kettlebell is great. It is hard for those of us busty ladies – like golf is hard, ahem – but well worth the cardio.

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  1. You are lucky you have pudge because it might go away faster since it's smaller. I have a full on spare tire, and I call it that. Blahhhh. I never thought of measuring my neck. I'm going to have to try that one.

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