Wanting to write again

I have missed writing on here, but I think I really did need a month or so to reflect on my marriage, my PCOS diagnosis, and to just decompress all of the tension I have felt for several months. That being said, I hope to start posting more regularly again after February 1! Here’s hoping at least.

I plan to write fun, lighthearted fashion posts again – new brands I have picked up on, high vs. low comparisons of items, items I desire or crave that are splurge pieces – as well as lifestyle-ish posts: recipes from my gluten free cooking adventures, what I have been up to, the long overdue decorating of the house, etc.

I hope everyone had an awesome New Year’s holiday, and MLK long weekend as well. Valentine’s Day/President’s Day is the next long weekend on the horizon, and I would love to hear any plans you all have coming up!

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4 thoughts on “Wanting to write again

  1. Glad you're back…you have been a lot these past few months. A lot to think about!
    Completely agree on your comments about bloggers, popularity contests and keeping it “real.” Glad April gave you some encouragement…

  2. Thank you so much lady. I have had a lot of crap going on and it really seemed worth it to take a break. Glad we kept in touch over Instagram and now back to blogging!

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