Why Not? Wednesday: Poo-Pourri

Yup. You read that title right. There is a product called Poo-Pourri. My Mom and I were in an organic gift shop themed around babies and saw bottles of this product on display. I think this was pre-wedding, so last year.

I honestly could not stop laughing. Yes, bodily functions still make me giggle a bit. But my amusement hit a whole other level when I saw this Poo-Pourri ad on YouTube this evening (while I was working, I was listening to the Sound of Music (1965) soundtrack). This ad certainly grabbed my attention as she is so blunt in her script!

Steps for using Poo-Pourri:
1. Spritz product
2. Take a #2
3. Flush
4. Leave restroom

Scent names: Original, Call Of The Wild, Deja’ Poo, Sh*ttin’ Pretty, Party Pooper, Crap Shooter, Daisy Doo, No. 2, Loo~Pourri, HeavenScent, Nature’s Call, Dr. Potts, Doody Free, Poo-Tonium, Heavy Doody, Super Dooper Pooper, Lil’ Stinker, Secret Santa, Santa Poo…

Note how I said we saw it in an organic shop? Well, Poo-Pourri does not contain:
-Harsh Chemicals
-Petroleum Distillates

This post is currently up on their website:

Our new YouTube video has constipated our shipping system.
In one week traffic on our website increased over 13,000% Holy crap, right!
We are working day and night, but please give us up to 2 weeks to get your PooPourri shipment out the door.
Make sure to order now to get in line!
The Poo Crew

This company is hysterical. Can you imagine working here? So many puns!

How would you feel about something so funny on display in your guest bathroom?
Would you appreciate such a product in your ladies lounge/restroom at work?
I wish the name wasn’t so ridiculous!

**clearly, I sincerely do not anticipate anyone commenting on this post, but “Holy Crap!” would be delighted if you were ballsy enough to do so**

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6 thoughts on “Why Not? Wednesday: Poo-Pourri

  1. Did you also know there is a breakfast cereal called “Holy Crap”. I saw it in the grocery store and couldn't believe my eyes! (But yes, I laughed.) check out http:www.holycrap.ca

    P.S. Poo-pourri is amazing.

  2. How can you not comment!? I actually had a friend send me that advert on Facebook, but I thought it was a joke product. So that's twice I find myself thinking about poo pourri this week. And no, one is never too mature for bathroom humour.

  3. Seriously, some people might not just because they think it is unprofessional or inappropriate or something. Believe me! I also cannot believe it is not a joke product. But I look forward to mysteriously gifting my office's ladies room with a basket of this stuff and see how it pans out. 😀

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