Must-have Mondays: September 23, 2013

Remember back in the days of Britney Spears, where showing your whale-tale was almost unavoidable due to the rising popularity of nonexistent waists (technical term, the ‘rise’) on jeans?

Exhibit A:

I remember those days – as I still have a vintage pair of Se7en jeans aka ‘7 for all mankind’ sitting in a dresser. We called the jeans Se7en back in high school and the early years of college when the brand was all fresh and Hollywood and expensive (ha! Now they are such a steal!). I think that line’s denim replaced Abercrombie for a lot of my classmates, while I was always more of a J.Crew, BP (Nordstrom juniors), and H&M fan back then. Looking at the jeans now, it truly seems as though there is no waistband on these pants! I don’t wear them anymore, I literally wore holes in them, but now I realize how truly crazy the low-rise trend was back in 2001-2004-ish for women (read this Slate article for more perspective).

Exhibit B: Keira Knightley at the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Photo By Rex Features:

I never showed THIS much skin, but I certainly attended dozens of frat parties with jeans like hers, worn with some kind of top which could not help but end about an inch or two above the ‘waist’ of my jeans… yikes!

Anyway, I am so thankful that we have real jeans now (again?) where they do not fall off of me and yet they aren’t Mom jeans. Here is my must-have Mondays favorite item of the week: Rag & Bone’s The High Rise Skinny Jean. Here for sale on ShopBop for $242.00.

Style number: RGJEA40406
Rise: A bottom-covering nine inches.
Celebrity endorsement: Emma Stone and Mila Kunis

Are you a fan of the return of the high-rise jean, regardless of the brand and price point?

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10 thoughts on “Must-have Mondays: September 23, 2013

  1. I admit I still like a low waist. Granted, I don't leave anything hanging out any more (I did the whole tshirt ending with 2 inches to spare thing too), but I have a boxy athletic middle and they fit me well. I draw a line at things that are so low you can see crack. We should all just say no to crack.

  2. When I was younger I was all about that look – not as daring as Keira in that photo of course but I LOVED low rise jeans. It helped a bit that I was basically a beanpole back then though. My rise is definitely a whole lot higher these days 🙂

  3. Seriously the whole pants-on-the-ground issue was getting incredibly annoying. Don't get me wrong, I might occasionally wear low-rise pants but it is normally while at the beach or lounging around the house. Yay covered heinies!

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