Friday’s Fancies: Transition Time

The start of September brings about cooler nights and the need to start your wardrobe transition process. I find that in some climates, you can stretch the traditional seasonal clothing rules by just a little bit! I hope you like what I have dreamed up for this week’s Friday’s Fancies from Alison of {long distance loving}:

Friday's Fancies: Transition Time

What are your key transition pieces?

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9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fancies: Transition Time

  1. I am not ready to ditch my flip flops either – although, this summer has been SO wet here in VA that if I am home I am not wearing flip flops due to horrible mosquitos! Super nasty and strong and potent this summer due to the weather.

    But yes, I am a big fan of a good boatneck sweater!


  2. Oh no! I know it def was new when I bought it, and I never ever buy J.Crew new. I bet it might still be in stores if you ask a friend to look for it (maybe)?

    Thank you and XO

  3. I'm so excited about fall fashion and fall weather- well, our version of it at least here in SD! Love that sea green sweater and the booties- oh, how I love wearing booties, and it's funny because I use to think they were funny. -Jess L

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