Friday’s Fancies: Around Town

TGIF! Alison of {long distance loving} gave us this lead into this week’s post:

“create a look which showcases your favorite outfit for running around town”

…I do know that what I wear to Whole Foods or Petsmart is not the same as what I wear shopping at boutiques, etc. I learned a long time ago (prior to working at Nordstrom) that dressing well to go to a store or the mall gives you much more respect by the sales associates working on commission… sad but true! So, the below is what I dreamed up:

Friday's Fancies: Around Town

Even if I go window-shopping, I almost always wear nude lingerie in case I see something I need to try on. It is so much easier to try on clothing with a nude strapless bra and a nude bottom – it keeps the line smooth and you can really see how the garment looks on you – not the silly lingerie sticking out! Just a word of advice from my former lingerie-fit-specialist-self.

Oh! And a pair of heels. Even if you do not want to walk in heels, if you are going shopping, always bring a pair of heels along to help figure out where a true hemline is going to fall on you. My Mom taught me that one.

What do you wear when you go shopping or errand-running around town?

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