Why not? Wednesday: Vogue Boy

I have decided that from time-to-time, on Wednesdays, I will share with you all some of my favorite internet discoveries. I was a big geek back in the day, so some of these might be ‘too weird’ for some of you to get, and others might remember them fondly as being part of the ‘greatest hits’ that you can recall ever finding online (or thanks to Jezebel, ebaumsworld, early YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Occasionally you will laugh so hard you will cry. There will be no rules as to what kinds of goodness I post on here… so I hope you all are prepared!

Today we have “Vogue Boy,” circa 2011 (but the video is from 1991) from Robert Jeffrey:

“VOGUE BOY”: ME AT NINE, PERFORMING TO MADONNA IN SUMMER ’91! from Angelo de Vries / Robert Jeffrey on Vimeo.

Read his “Born This Way” story from Paul V.

I love this kid. His parents let him be who he wanted to be, he is comfortable with himself, and he is such an entertainer! What a cutie with character!

Had you seen this viral sensation before?

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