Friday’s Fancies: Treat Time

Happy Friday y’all! This Friday’s Fancies post is my first in a while – I always enjoy dreaming something up whenever I see those tell-tale emails from Alison of {long distance loving}. This week’s concept is one of her most creative to date:

“shift your attention to your favorite summer treat. [. . . .] translate your treat to an outfit–and get hungry (or thirsty) in the process!”

Friday's Fancies: Treat Time

Well, I love a good, boozy piña colada. It is one of my favorite summer treats. It helps me relax after a horrid day at work. I think one of the biggest sources of sugar for me is a nice cocktail (or three). I rarely ever have it from a mix, although sometimes I do (and sometimes those mixes are WEIRD). Regardless, the signature colors put me in the best mood, which you can see reflected in this Friday’s Fancies post!

What is your favorite treat during the warm, summer months?

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