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(questions answered as inspired by the back page of Marie Claire magazine)

Mind: Excited about things that might be happening to me in the coming weeks and months… (cannot risk jinxing it right now!)

Last credit card statement: Fun purchases for my husband’s birthday, BERKS (not Gersberms though), some fall clothes

Grocery list: produce that I cannot get from the farmer’s market, Cherry Coke, La Croix, Boars Head deli meats, Homestead Creamery milk

Nightstand: BERKS, flashlight, pepper spray, a gorgeous ceramic piece I keep my rings and glasses on, lamp, hand lotion (not in a basket)

Future vacation agenda: So many trips already this summer! We might be doing another trip to Baltimore this weekend (it is a surprise from my husband, no idea on destination to be sure), a trip to West Virginia, and North Carolina all before our anniversary in October.

House walls: Photographs of friends, art prints (one by Ansel Adams is especially treasured), gorgeous items from when my brother lived in China.

DVR: Magic City, Top Gear (BBC), True Blood (we really only half-watch it now since it is such a joke), CBS Sunday Morning, Drunk History, and then movies we have not gotten to watch yet

Perennial to-do list: painting rooms in the house

Speed dial: My parents and all 5 of their phone numbers, my husbands work cell and desk numbers, our home phone

Must-see-movie list: Red 2, I wrote a post about it in February

Go-to menu: This time of year? Grilling zucchini, squash and asparagus and/or potatoes on our deck, a dry rubbed grilled chicken, and a fun cocktail

Vanity table: I don’t have one, sad to say. But what I keep close to my sink includes – Tocca Florence or Marchesa perfume, my paddle brush, my eye cream and night cream, and my makeup bag with my everyday items. I have a jewelry chest in our bedroom where I keep accessories and the like.

List of charities you support: Some are ones I was raised hearing about – and chose as an adult to support them. Others are ones I have come across as I’ve grown up, and happily support! Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), YMCA of the Triangle (Camp Seafarer), Habitat for Humanity International, March of Dimes, Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and educational institutions my family has always supported.

Workout plan: Lots of sit-ups, push-ups, kettlebell, DVDs to mix things up (Exhale Spa, Tracy Anderson, Jillian Michaels)

Staycation itinerary: Get through the backlog of any magazines, outline articles for my Examiner.com fashion columns, read BERKS for fun, catch up on the New York magazine crossword puzzles, play with our dog, imbibe and enjoy making a deluxe dinner at home

Feet: Currently, Tod’s ‘Belgium’ flats, as I am on my lunch break at work.


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