How can I already be 28? It is funny to me that I am still not 30. I guess because my life has been quite up-down, all-around and I feel older than I am. I never thought I would live where I do, and all of the other things that come with it. It is funny how one pictures their life – in high school, first year of college, etc. You just never know what you are destined for professionally and in your personal life!

I was born at 2:10 p.m. here in Lexington (where I am this weekend celebrating my day with family), and as my Mom told me in a recent email (I had asked about her labor experiences of my two siblings and I, when compared to the Duchess of Cambridge):

. . .with you I barely made it to the hospital in time! I got there around 12:30 and you were born (just after) 2!!!

My parents have a cute little photo album of my birth – nothing graphic thank goodness. My favorite photo of the album is my Mom doing her last big push, hands by her head – and my sister, 16 years old and across the room holding her hands together, excited. She was too young to be present for my brother’s birth, but she was in there with my Mom when she delivered me. I need to ask her about her memories from that day, I’ve never thought of that until now. My Mom told me last night that Dad was kind-of queasy so he is the one who took the photos, across the room, out of the way! Too funny.

My name is Old English for “From the white island” or “piece of higher ground in a low-lying area.” I may be a Leo, but I have always been a water baby, through and through. My middle name is also Old English and is a family name from my Grandmama’s side. It comes from Wurðingtun, “settlement” or worðign, “enclosure.” I love my name!

My Gaga (Mom’s Mom) was unhappy as she wanted me to have the name of one of her sister’s – going by Edna or Edie. My Mom was firm that she did not want that name for me, I am assuming the reason was particularly due to my grandmother having seven grandchildren at that point while my Dad’s parents only had my brother. Plus it was outdated… It has often appeared, to me, as a sore subject for Gaga.

Regardless, my birthday has always been fun for me over the years… our beach house, on the farm, the country club, The Homestead, etc. I always do it with family – I do not think I have ever spent a birthday away from my parents – except for when I attended Camp Seafarer – and during those years my Mom would mail me a cake via overnight FedEx for my entire cabin to enjoy (3 layer yellow cake with caramel icing, her specialty).

I hope you enjoyed these photos from some of my birthdays over the years.

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