A return

Hello all! I have had a lovely month-ish off from the blog, just being so busy this summer – travel, work, and family obligations. I hope you all have had a wonderful summer as well. I feel inspired once again to pick this baby up and play catch up on all of my favorite blogs.

Do be sure to leave me a comment, or Tweet me, or email me, regarding your own events these past few weeks. Share with me any big developments in your life, and if you have any new blogs you think I might enjoy reading!



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7 thoughts on “A return

  1. Glad to see you're back blogging after some time away! I hope you've had a wonderful summer so far!


  2. Thank you – technically it is the William & Mary cypher… but then it is also M and my initials so… that is why I used it!
    And thank you for the welcome back! I need to see what all you have been up to.


  3. Thank you so much – I have missed it but I honestly have had a crazy summer. It seems to be slowing down (sorta-kinda) but has been wonderful.


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