Friday’s Fancies #132: Serious Sunnies

Today’s Friday’s Fancies is incredibly appropriate as I recently purchased a fantastic pair of sunglasses. They really are the #1 item a person needs to have during the summer! I had held onto a pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses for about six years and they finally were at the point where they needed to be retired. I purchased via a Belle & Clive sale the below pair of sunglasses:

Friday's Fancies #132: Serious Sunnies

Ray ban
$200 –

These new tortoise folding Wayfarer Ray Bans are amazing! They take up a 3″ x 1.5″ x 2.5″ section of my purse. The previous pair were about 3x that size. They fold in three spots on either half of the glasses – so six hinges total: the middle of the nose piece/bridge, the normal bend at the temple end piece, and then a hinged fold at the middle of the arm on either side. It is so impressive how sturdy they are – just like the original Wayfarer – and they don’t randomly bend when you would not want them to do so. They still can be pushed up on top of your head as a convenient headband, and still come in many of the signature Wayfarer shades. I deliberately created this Polyvore set so you could see the price for the Foldable Ray Ban Wayfarer at retail. Mine was not steeply marked down on Belle & Clive – it was about $45 off but still a good savings!

Do you have this style of Ray Ban sunglasses? What color do you have?

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  1. Aren't they fantastic? I just love them to pieces. They really are fun! Thanks for the Shabby Apple giveaway notification, Emily. I will be sure to check it out.

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