Friday’s Fancies #131: Winning in White

Does anyone else love tennis season? It is a great reason to be outdoors and to enjoy the beautiful weather! I am a traditionalist – I love wearing my whites and letting off some steam at the end of a long week. Even if I am just using the backboard I feel so good sweating it out. Anyone else think tennis whites are super chic?

Friday's Fancies #131: Winning in White

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4 thoughts on “Friday’s Fancies #131: Winning in White

  1. I'm totally with you. At the club I belonged to in NY, whites were the rule during tournament play, which was fine because it seemed to always be 100000 degrees on match days…..Love it!

  2. I'm old school, I much prefer tennis to be played in whites. I hate seeing all of the different colored outfits on the court. It just doesn't look the same 🙁

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