Richmond Fashion Bloggers event at Shockoe Denim

I am a member of the Richmond Fashion Bloggers group (“RVAFB”) which had a meet up on Friday at Shockoe Denim. Group leader Larissa of RVA Fashion Girl did a wonderful job organizing the entire thing!
The event was such a blast. It was my first group meet up (I have met individuals related to this blog before) and we all had a wonderful time. It is always great to place a face with a name and to network. I actually stayed longer than I planned – even after the event was officially over – to continue to talk to everyone.
Shockoe Denim has a full team of less than ten employees – from the owner to management, cutters to sewing, and even assembling through to the finishing process. Everything is done in this space for the company (everything is gorgeous).
The showroom is also their direct retail space. What is great is while you shop it is open to the factory floor (big glass windows) so you can watch the process as you shop and try-on (they even let us go down on the factory floor).
This team at Shockoe Denim is a group of like-minded people who clearly love their craft. The garments are gorgeous and you can have items made custom fitted, bespoke, etc. They even let you select the threading and buttons:
weight and wash of your chosen denim fabric:
trim and style of cut:
and even custom lining for a completely bespoke look:
… down to every last detail.

The prices – as you can see above – are less than some off-the-rack brands. I was shocked, but excited that I can get a pair for less than my J Brands! And the money goes straight back into here, the River City. I love shopping local, and shopping local retail just raises the bar that much higher – it is exciting and makes me very proud to know we have fashion start-ups here in Central Virginia.

Have you ever bought any items from a custom, local shop?

Please say hello to some of the wonderful people I met on Friday:
Larissa of RVA Fashion Girl (she also is big cheese for RVAFB)
Sydney of Chic Stripes
Anett of Frshsqueezed
Brian of Dirty Richmond (and Ledbury!)
Emily, PR Manager for RVA Fashion Week
Alayna and Bevin of Hole in Jean Pocket
Chynesha and Kelli Neche of Notorious Styles

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  1. Thanks – it was a blast and it really was wonderful to meet in a retail space instead of just a bar/restaurant. The group is great – it is fun to talk fashion with like-minded people 🙂

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