Downton Abbey Series 3 finale

Well, those of us in the United States (who hadn’t already purchased the DVDs as M and I had) finally saw the Series 3 finale last week. So, if you don’t want to know more about how it ends, stop reading now!

PBS recently posted this lovely “Mary & Matthew” love story video which was so nice and incredibly bittersweet:

Anyone else think Matthew looks hot, even when holding a stuffed animal? What is wrong with me?!

The song featured in the PBS video above is “Never Far From Me” by John Garrison, whose hometown is Coventry, England:

PBS and ITV always find the most perfect promo music.

I was wondering – is anyone else thinking negative things towards Dan Stevens? It IS his fault, entirely, for possibly ruining the show prematurely. Let’s just think about that for a second. His sexy ice blue eyes ruined many a Downton Abbey storyline. Boo Hiss. Julian Fellowes recently told the New York Times (here and here) that, “…we begin Series 4 six months later. We don’t have to do funerals and all that stuff. That’s all in the past by then. […] one of the main themes is the rebuilding of Mary, that Mary has to rebuild her life in a society which is changing.”

Let’s hope she finally defrosts to Edith (even just a teedle bit), and I hope she doesn’t become a total floozy. Does Matthews money go to his son, so his son is now heir to Downton? Here is hoping Mary doesn’t have to marry well again to “save Downton” or some shoddy news such as that!

In closing, some of my fave gifs involving him…

First meeting Mary – what a great ‘durrr’ face:

Laughing over the salty pudding scene, thanks to poor Mrs. Patmore:

Mary realizing she actually HAS fallen for her distant cousin, confesses it to him, and they have their first kiss:

THE SADDEST GOODBYE EVER (with a whole ‘yeah-I-rejected-you, kind-of, plz don’t die I am too proud to admit I need you with me’ face):

So now that we are both seeing other people, but obligated to see each other on a regular basis… not awkward at all:

The night that ginger died and it is all because Matthew and Mary danced and kissed! (at least that is how Matthew sees it):

Christmas Episode:

Prettiest fake-snow ever!

I am hoping by now you all have seen my posts on the awesomeness that is Tumblr’s creepy EdithWithGooglyEyes gif:

OH! I almost forgot the obligatory fashion-y references (at least the subject matter is still relevant)…

Ralph Lauren:

Harper’s Bazaar Editor Laura Brown interviews friend Michelle Dockery:

In conclusion… thank goodness tomorrow is Friday… what a horrid week!

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8 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Series 3 finale

  1. The ending broke my heart! And is it wrong that I wanted the show to pick up right where we left off? I wanted to grieve with them, not jump four months into the future!

  2. Girl, you will LOVE Downton Abbey! This show is so good, it is like a soap opera without all of the horrible makeout sessions …although I will admit Seasons 2 and 3 do get a bit over the top at times. Still, such a fun way to enjoy TV. I would say get the DVDs through ShopPBS – then you are supporting Public Broadcasting directly!


  3. I know, the ending was full of POO and disappointment. But, eh, who knows. I guess it would be interesting to watch everyones reaction – but pretty depressing too, right?

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