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So, my office is in an outdated building, that has had offices built into spaces not originally intended for so many offices. That sounds wordy, but my floor originally had three offices and many, many cubicles. Now it has about 50 offices and no cubicles. Lots of halls within halls, woohoo! Anyway, this redesign creates some problems – such as few outlets for each of us within our office.

Outlets are useful for things like computer supplies, printers, lamps, etc (duh). Currently, I have no lamps but I did get two surge protectors to extend the use of my outlets when I find a couple that I love. One way to save a couple outlets is this fun tool I got from

USB Windmill Fan, $20.

The blades are foam, but they keep my office nice and cool while remaining quiet. You plug it in and it is powered through the USB, or you can use AA batteries to power it independently. It sits at the head of my desk and is wonderful for air circulation as it is just under 9″ tall.

Isn’t technology great?

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  1. Isn't the color great? I have this awful bright yellow wall, so I am trying to ignore it and add in some sea colors – pretend the one yellow wall is the sun and I am mentally at the beach, right?

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