Richmond loves Ledbury!

Any of you with grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles, significant others, and husbands need to check out Ledbury if you have not already. This brand has been growing in popularity every year since it was started in 2009, and is headquartered here in Richmond, Virginia in the old tobacco warehouse district. This area is now more popularly called the Shockoe Design District. The quality, fit, and the company’s own special touches have innovated what some call the perfect shirt.

The Blue Townsend Tattersall slim fit

They have two styles to their shirts – M wears the “Slim Fit” which is tailored and works with his (ahem) perfect frame, but there is a more traditional fit, which they call the “Classic Fit,” that works on all sizes of men as well. Check out this Vimeo from Ledbury, below:

The Anatomy of a Ledbury Shirt from Ledbury on Vimeo.

Paul Trible is a W&L grad while Paul Watson went to Davidson College. These Liberal Arts college graduates have traveled the world and had been involved in the Public Sector as well as philanthropic work before founding this company. The materials for their shirts come from Europe, their tailoring is in the English style, and their style is heavily influenced by their Southeastern United States upbringing.

The Green Montgomery Check slim fit

I love a man in a good shirt. A well-fitting, if not custom-tailored shirt is so important. These shirts can be dressed up or down without issue and have a wonderful weight. They are cut perfectly and really elevate any kind of casual dress. One of the ways I fell in love with M, and how he gained respect so quickly from the male members of my family, is due to his style. He is not a sloppy person when he dresses down. He is immaculate about his appearance (being an Army guy doesn’t hurt), and he had never worn suit pieces as separates until I begged him to try it. He is just that particular about his clothing. He puts Ledbury up there with his Brooks Brothers, Zegna, Burberry, Nordstrom, Billy Reid, Paul Stuart, and Need Supply Co. purchases.

The brand frequently issues “Short Run” shirt styles during the different seasons, and also sell a very fine, but limited selection of ties, blazers, and accessories. None of their items cost more than $700 (blazers), and their gorgeous shirts average at about $135. Read their information on the post-purchase care of a Ledbury shirt.
Check out the Ledbury website. Where can you purchase Ledbury shirts? As per their website: is the primary shopping destination for our products. Beyond our website, our Richmond showroom located at 117 S 14th St is open Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM. We also host pop-up shops occasionally throughout the year; sign up for our email newsletters to learn about our next pop-up location. At this time Ledbury does not sell shirts via wholesale.

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The Purple Mckinsey Oxford slim fit

Tailors with a banking degree from CNN Money YouTube page, published on July 6, 2011:

All images included in this post are owned by Ledbury, Inc.

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