25 things you did not know about me

Just before the holidays, I read/watched two fun posts from fellow RVA blog, Her Late Night Cravings, about Jayme and Mendi!

I do not have the abilities, at least not yet, to do a Vlog like theirs, but I will make a list of the 25 things you might not know about me!

1. I still sleep with two stuffed animals – Pee Wee the Kiwi, which my Dad brought me from New Zealand when I was three… and a lavendar-stuffed rabbit my Mom bought me at The Greenbrier from when I was 13.

2. I have been on a genealogical kick the past 4-5 years. I pay for the international version of Ancestry.com and all of the extras included in it. I have been able to go way back (15th century) on some family lines. It gets complicated trying to sort it out, and I think because of Ancestry that is the only reason it works!

3. I attended Randolph-Macon College for one year, then I left, and then I came back… five years later to finish. Three years there total.

4. I asked M out, and he rejected me. He was the first guy to ever flat out turn me down. However, the next morning, he asked ME out. Hmm…

5. I am stereotypical “Leo” – Martha Stewart and I have a lot of the same vices (OCD, hanging out with Snoop Dogg, etc…)!

6. I can stick out my tongue and make it touch my nose. I wish I knew how old I was when I figured out I could do that.

7. I have loved the scent of lavender since I was a kid. All English granny on you! I have the bunny (see #1), I wash my laundry in lavender-scented products, I use lavender fabric softener, I spray my room in lavender, when I go to spa – I request lavender, I iron my sheets and spray them in lavender.

8. If I do not go to the beach every month, I will start to become physically ill. No one can explain it, but it is like clockwork.

9. I have horrid carpal tunnel on my right wrist. When my ex was in law school, I’d habitually have him whack my wrist with a legal text to make “the bump” go away. Isn’t that disgusting?!

10. I really wish I was in grad school. I think about that pretty much every day.

11. I have a lot of odd disorders and issues – anemia, potassium deficiency – that make me have to really check myself when going out, drinking, exercising, etc.

12. It seems as though, in my life, I have had more guy friends than female friends… even though I have always wished to have a more solid group of GFs.

13. My eyes change color. Legally they are designated as green but they turn blue and hazel frequently. If you look at them, there is a thick blue outer rim, filled in with green, and then around the iris it is gold.

14. While day-to-day I dress incredibly girly, I do have this inner rocker chick that loves things made with fine leather (see moto jacket obsession).

15. I am named for my Grandmama’s family, and I have always felt like she is my best friend and the one who gets me in the family.

16. I have a habit of making up songs while doing chores around the house or getting ready to go out. Completely random songs, with completely original tunes, just to keep my mind going.

17. If I drink, the night will always end on a high note if a friend asks me to sing a song. If they don’t request something specifically, I will just start to belt out showtunes. I don’t care if we are walking in a residential neighborhood at 3am, it will happen. {sidebar: the Spanish parts of this video crack me up immensely}

18. When I was a little kid, I would habitually cut myself bangs… it stemmed from this compulsion that my widows peak gave me “weird hair.” I hated that thing.

19. I cannot stand Hampden-Sydney College! I grew up at W&L and went to R-MC, and both are major rivals of H-SC.

20. I wear contact lenses.

21. I cannot stand earthquakes. The one that happened right by our house in 2011 was bad enough. I don’t want to deal with one near my home ever again!! (please).

22. I love golf. When I was back in school I would take lessons and go to the driving range weekly. When I lived in Maryland it was the same thing. Now I work and never do it. I wish I had someone to hang out with. M hates golf. Boo hiss.

23. When I was young, I was obsessed with Jonathan Taylor Thomas (J.T.T.). And I don’t mean in the crushing on him way. I mean, I’d buy or “borrow” the teeny bopper magazines, rip ALL of the posters out of him, and put them on my walls at my parent’s farmhouse. I had so many JTT pictures, it covered TWO WALLS (9′ ceilings people). Yikes.

24. I sleep on my side, normally hugging a King-size pillow, and wear an eye mask. Gwyneth Paltrow rec’d it and it has changed my life sleep-wise. I used to wear a different one, and as soon as it’d slip off I’d wake up. I am super light sensitive. When I was a kid I didn’t need an alarm due to my light sensitivity – I’d get up at sunrise no issue.

25. I have to get massages every 6 weeks due to my neck/shoulder issues. However, due to M’s injury I have not had one since the wedding. YIKES. I am way overdue!

Do you have any funny habits or quirks? Let me know in the comments!

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25 thoughts on “25 things you did not know about me

  1. that's so cool about your eyes! i had more guy friends growing up but now have a wonderful circle of girlfriends that are like sisters to me!

    i hope M is feeling better! (and you need to book yourself a massage stat). xox P

  2. Thank you for the love, lady! The eye thing is weird but cool – sometimes it is annoying to argue with the DMV lady, haha.

    I do need to book myself a massage. M tried to force me into it this week, but I just think with all of this stuff going on at home I need to wait another week 🙂

  3. I'm like you in quite a few ways! I love golf, my eyes change colour, and I even still sleep with two stuffed animals. I'm glad I'm not the only one!


  4. I know, I know. I am a whackadoodle. I am sure if I have kids I will stop caring about this sort of thing immediately, but for now I enjoy it… I find it peaceful. And I am OCD. It is a compulsion-slash-dedication. haha

  5. I love these posts! I must say, I like to think I have OCD-tendencies but ironed sheets may never grace our bed. Or maybe I need to try that 🙂

  6. Thank you! I think they are fun to learn from as well.

    Ironed sheets are SOOO nice. Esp since we rotate out Egyptian cotton with some cotton sateen ones depending on the season. They make the sheets fit the bed better and keep the bed smelling extra fresh!

  7. Awww JTT, he was such a dream boat when I was a little and stuff. Now I find it mortifying and hilarious! My friends would fight over him. How can that make any sense now?! haha

  8. Such a fun post. I did a similar one a couple of months or weeks ago… I lose track of time. Haha. We have a couple of things in common! I also love genealogy and subscribed to Ancestry.com a couple of years ago, suffer from anemia although it has been pretty in check for a couple of years now and I also make up random songs ALL the time. Haha. P.S. My boyfriend can also touch his nose with his tongue. He does it ALL the time, too. – Carla

  9. Love that you participated in this TAG! Great to learn more about you! I make up songs to when I'm by myself at home at the most random moments and have done that since I was little. 🙂

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  10. Thank you for sharing y'alls stories and things that make y'all you, Jayme! I will confess, I do not do the songs when I am just alone. M might come around the corner asking me WTF did you just sing?! Which always has us both in stitches.

  11. I don't enjoy earthquake but they don't bother me/scare me. Of course if we had a really really bad one that caused injury/death/devastation that would be another story. Little ones here and there I'm used to!

    I still sleep with my favorite stuffed elephants 🙂

    I can't sleep with an eye mask. It freaks me out.

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