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Okay, so I recently decided that you all are going to need to embrace my occasional weirdness. The weirdness might be my fixation on certain TV shows – like “How I Met Your Mother” – or might be something that demonstrates my strange sense of humor, like Shasta Anne and my love for Narwhals. Just go with it.

So, anyway, “HIMYM” is a great show. It is more than likely ending this season. Which sucks but I won’t think about that part. One of my favorite facts is that Robin (who has a lot of random things in common with me) was once a Canadian pop-star called Robin Sparkles (no I have no past life as a pop sensation). Of course, because HIMYM is amazing, they decided over the course of the show to have Robin do two music videos as her “Robin Sparkles” character.

Let’s Go to the Mall is the first song that came out, which explains the backstory of Robin Sparkles and was on the season two episode Slap Bet:

Then there was “Sandcastles in the Sand.”
Sandcastles in the Sand
http://mediaservices.myspace.com/services/media/embed.aspx/m=32601399,t=1,mt=video Robin Sparkles | Myspace Video
©2012 Sugar Inc. Who else finds these videos hysterical? Is it really just me? As the Tumblr page #whatshouldwecallme posted under “When someone doesn’t get my sense of humor:”

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20 thoughts on “HIMYM: Robin Sparkles

  1. First of all, I'm just as crazy about HIMYM as you are!! Secondly, I'm also obsessed with #whatshouldwecallme. Totally obsessed. It cracks me up!

  2. haha the space TV show is SO WEIRD. Esp with Nicole Scherzinger (weird last name spelling butchered). So hilarious. And creepy as we both know that there were many awkward sex-ish tied scenes in it! haha

    PS: a narwhals blog?! OMG. Does it still exist on the internetz?

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