Happy holidays from Cartier

I love this holiday film from Cartier:

Gorgeous jewelry, adorable panther cubs, and the music by Danny Elfman from the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack (“Ice Dance”) make for a winning combination of holiday spirit!
I always watch Edward Scissorhands during the holidays, as well as another ‘unusual’ film (i.e. to be considered in the ‘holiday’ category), Toys. Here is a full clip of the Danny Elfman music:

Had you seen the Cartier video before? YouTube says it was posted on November 19, but I had not seen it until today!

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10 thoughts on “Happy holidays from Cartier

  1. I just think it is elegant, while still being cute and holiday-lighthearted! Who wouldn't want Cartier is right! I'll take a Panthere or any other animal anyday.

  2. I hadn't seen the Cartier film before but it's gorgeous! I guess I've been too busy drooling over the new Tiffany & Co holiday ad!


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