Favorite item from the Fall 2012 collections

Every couple of seasons, I will spot an item in the magazines, online, at a store, or on the street that draws me in. I will love the color, the texture, how it is cut, everything about it. The sad thing is, quite often this item will be incredibly expensive. This year, that item is the Balmain green lambskin leather jacket. I first spotted it in the Neiman Marcus Fall 2012 book, and then I saw it again on Net-a-Porter and fell apart over how awesome this jacket was…

I know this jacket had lots of knockoffs all over the place, but it is just so gorgeous that I would never settle for anything less. (however, the $7,570 price tag meant I was getting nada). Isn’t the detailwork fantastic? Balmain had it in sizes 36-40, and it sold out rather quickly.

Maybe it is because it is the same color as my eyes, maybe it is because I think it will bring out the natural highlights in my chestnut-colored hair, maybe it is because the leather is already butter-soft with no need to break it in… but this jacket is just beautiful!

What do you think of this jacket? Are you a fan of the green trend this season? Check out my Examiner article “Fall 2012 trend: green” as well as one of my favorite bloggers, April, who wrote about emerald green in her post “Bring on the holiday parties” !

All photos taken from this page on Net-a-Porter. © Net-A-Porter

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20 thoughts on “Favorite item from the Fall 2012 collections

  1. Emerald is my favorite color in the whole wide world! Seriously, it took a lot for me to move my theme away from being emerald! LOVE this jacket.

    Don't forget to enter the giveaway going on at Cotton's Pickins right now!!

  2. Emerald is a great color. Did you see my blogger friend April of A. Liz Adventure's post on it? She picked out some fun stuff! The jacket really is amazeballs.

    I just entered the giveaway! Cute stuff!

  3. I have been a bad blogger friend! I need to comment on y'alls blog pronto! Thank you for the comment, and I wish it was not that expensive, too. I'd look fantastic on all three of us!

  4. Okay, see, I am happy to hear someone else talking about this jacket's universality. When I find it somewhere… consignment… auction… ebay in the next five years and I buy it. These reasons will help bolster my argument for its purchase! haha

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