Bachelorette Trip to Las Vegas, Part III

The pics included were from our 2nd day/night in Vegas, unless someone else was named as photo credit!

Photo by Raymond Ming

Have you ever stayed at the beautiful Bellagio in Las Vegas? Maybe you have seen it in the movies – Oceans Eleven, Rush Hour 2, What Happens in Vegas, The Hangover, etc. It is just such a beautiful place – and when it was built and opened in 1998 it was the most expensive hotel ever built (over $1.6 billion). Note, even though the Burj Al Arab is a more exclusive hotel, it did not cost as much to build! I thought that was interesting since people always go on and on about the Burj.

Photo by Raymond Ming

The pools at The Bellagio are so beautiful! It is not the party like it is at Monte Carlo or Mandalay Bay – it is much more your luxe, Palm Springs/Palm Beach atmosphere… much more my cup of tea! I love to party… but not poolside. Think of all the people in those big party pools the celebs host. The water quality in particular. Ew. Give me a beautiful cabana anytime.

Photo by Raymond Ming

The famous Dale Chihuly ceiling art installation, ‘Fiori di Como,’ next to the check-in and check-out desk at The Bellagio. There are always one or two massive 6′ tall floral arrangements underneath, and the lobby reminds you that you are in Vegas – kind-of like Texas – everything is bigger! This photo faces the revolving door entrance, which is comically large to me (I think you could fit 5+ my-size people in each partition quite easily). Behind you (if you were taking this photo), would be a piano lounge immediately at your 7/8 o’clock, and at your 6 o’clock is the Bellagio Conservatory and the Cafe. I am a big fan of Dale Chihuly – since 1998/99 really – even though I am not a major modern art fan. I guess I put glass in it’s own category!

Lets pretend that my eyes are open in this picture. I hate that I ruined it in this way. I am SO bad about it. The girls will tell you even on my wedding day I was closing my eyes at the WORST possible time during pre-wedding pictures. Durr. So annoying! A really wonderful (and intimidatingly big) bodyguard took this photo for us as we headed to The Bank nightclub for the night. We had pregamed ahead of time and I def was feeling it!! Oh, and we were the most covered up girls there… yes, including me. These girls were barely covered up. It was both interesting and horrifying. I know at one point a bartender gave me a shot and I then started dancing like I was on the Jersey Shore (yikes) and started rapping along to a song with Izzy (awesome).

Inside The Bank nightclub. Let me just say, we had an hysterically entertaining night, with ALMEC getting hit on by a Hasidic Jew (yes, in a nightclub) and Izzy and I danced like fools together… while occasionally running away from crazy people. It was a blast. I loved the outfits (albeit skimpy) that the dancers were wearing, apparently not long after we left – Labor Day weekend maybe? – they now dance in black bikinis – like Lady Gaga in Telephone – from what my friends have told me. Not as flattering, IMHO! The lighting in the club is crazy, and we had a “not famous” famous DJ spinning the night we went and he transitioned pretty horribly. But the atmosphere was so much fun to be in. ALMEC actually got so tired of her creeper that she pretended to be hammered and we hid from him in a banquette… yes, that actually happened.

I love my ladies. I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for, honestly. And yes, my boobs are hanging out. But I swear I was still more covered up compared to other girls that night. Some lady in Hong Kong made this silk dress for me about five years ago. I love it and it makes an appearance every once in a while!

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18 thoughts on “Bachelorette Trip to Las Vegas, Part III

  1. Oh it was a boozing good time. I probably could have gotten way more sloppy though. HAHA!!

    Thank you. I love this color. I also love non-fraudulant ebaY orders that are 100% silk made-to-measure dresses from Hong Kong. WINNING!

  2. You are really making me want to go back to Vegas!! Looks like you girls had a wonderful time! Can't wait to hear all about your wedding!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. We did have an amazing time! I really think LV is the best place too – but to each their own right? I was just lucky to have friends who could come! I would love to stay in touch… will be sure to do more when my life slows down just a little bit more…


  4. The pasta was awesome. I knew better than to eat light – so my 1 meal a day (I was so excited going all over the place) or one of my two meals always included Bellagio pasta!

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