Bachelorette trip to Las Vegas, Part I

Well the weekend before Labor Day was great as it was the weekend of my Bachelorette Party trip to Las Vegas. Thursday AM I took off from work and I ended up upgrading to Main Cabin Select on Virgin America as the plane was busy but not packed. I did not have anyone next to me which was wonderful! It was so nice to watch live TV, a couple movies, and have a breakfast with my legs stretched out. Yes, I am 5’9″ and was wearing heels but was able to sit on the plane with my knees just barely bent. I enjoyed it on the way to LAX so much that I did it on my return to IAD. Definitely worth the extra $100+ for the upgrade at the airport. Also, neither seat either way was an aisle seat, so I really did luck out with window seats to and from!

Here is what the area for Main Cabin Select looks like, you look through into First Class, which is fine as I was able to use “their” bathroom which is much closer than the one at the back of the plane, which Coach/Main Cabin fliers use exclusively:

[property Virgin America]

All of the seats on Virgin are leather. Yes, leather! So comfortable, I probably would have fallen asleep if I had worn sweats or leggings… which I did not do as I ‘dress well’ on my flights! I honestly do not like First Class on these domestic flights as you are in such a small section and too far up in the plane to my liking. Main Cabin Select puts you back a little bit closer to the wing so you don’t feel as many shifts on the plane… So I had a Jack and Coke (yes, it was 9am but it was good for my nerves as I rarely cross the country solo)… okay okay it was two of them, a cheese plate, several movies and shows for free in this upgraded class. I was definitely a happy camper… I am sure the booze helped.

[from Google Images]

Landed in LAX with no issue but found out MOH had to assist her boss with a conference call in the PM (hello, of course she was working that day). I think in the future I will just fly straight into Vegas so I don’t lose a day (half day on Thurs and half day on Sun) of travel, but she and I had fun and made the most of it. Seeing as we got stuck in traffic she got to show me a LOT of LA as well as driving me to my first In-N-Out (in the last ‘town’ (Barstow) before we drove through the Mojave). She lives by Melrose so I got to have fun seeing what that includes and I was on a mission for fish tacos. So I had fish tacos and they were awesome. Eventually, MOH was able to come home to her adorable apartment and she drove. It was about two hours longer than it should have been (horrid accident on the 10), but heyyyy I got to SEE more of the West Coast. So that was nice. Especially Vegas at night when you cross into the state (yes, the lights – particularly the Luxor beam (42.3 billion candlepower) – are apparent as you cross the border). I never thought about that before it actually happened and it was certainly fun and a different way to see things… building up before you get there in contrast to the airport which has you land in the thick of it.

Eventually MOH and I arrived at the Bellagio where I tried to not gape at some of the most offensively-dressed people I had ever seen – I had to go through the culture shock and it wore off quickly once I put myself back into an urban frame of mind. Later on the group gathered and we decided to eat dinner. I think it was 3am EST when MOH took this shot of Izzy and I, and I had not slept in over 36 hours was our estimation… (I can never sleep before a trip!):


We ate at the Café Bellagio since it was so late at night. It is nice looking for a 24 hour restaurant but the service was spotty at best. We definitely felt neglected which was dumb as it was ‘only’ midnight and the place was steady (not overwhelmingly busy by any means). We did not order anything complicated but it was hard to not be frustrated when we wanted to leave the table and no one was collecting our check! I think when I go back to Bellagio I will try to eat on a more normal schedule and go with better dining options, more expensive but worth it. I like to eat at special places when I travel but we all wanted a little nosh before heading up to sleep. Regardless of the problems there, it was comfy decor and I started to doze during dinner! Whoops… that was when the girls knew I needed to head back to the room.

The below photos are all from © ALMEC’s Instagram… We loved wandering in the Bellagio Conservatory. The Conservatory changes seasonally and we apparently were lucky enough to be there for the last two weeks of the summer decor. I got an email from them not long after we had returned that they were installing the new autumn display. At night it is lit up and quiet which was very nice and in stark contrast to the packed atmosphere during the day…

The way they used mums to construct the bees was probably my favorite feature! The scent floated into the Café and it was wonderful. It did take all of my willpower to not wander through the flowers (pass out in the flowerbeds) and/or ride the carousel. So, not long after this meal we went back to our massive room to sleep. I’ll write more soon!

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33 thoughts on “Bachelorette trip to Las Vegas, Part I

  1. Virgin is wonderful. It is definitely more of a premium than other airlines in the domestic, but what I did for both there and back is buy the standard Main Cabin seat, and then upgrade at the airport for $199 each way. It is much cheaper. And again, I did not check a bag, so that made a bit of a difference too.

  2. It is wonderful! The Main Cabin Select seats are also over the wing, but then you cannot recline, so that is why I like the “3rd row” seats of Main Cabin Select. That might be worth filing away in your memory bank, as I know it likely is what made my flight even more comfortable.

  3. Yay on your bachelorette! These photos make me nostalgic for Vegas. I've done the Main Cabin Select upgrading as well and you're right, it was so worth it. Although I ate and drank too much probably to try and get my $$$ worth, lol!

  4. YAY bachelorette is right! I had so much fun. I miss Vegas already… I would live there if I was single for sure. Lots of fun. And no judging, I definitely ate and drank my $$$ worth too. 2 movies, 3 sodas, 2 alcoholic beverages, some Jay-Z as we landed, a massive container of Pringles… def got my moneys worth! haha

  5. Isn't the decor awesome? Apparently for this Fall they have brought back the talking tree – which has been a huge sensation in the past. I think it'd be funny to see the drunks interacting with it. haha!

    Mmmmm whiskey 🙂

  6. That's awesome that you went to Vegas for your bachelorette. I still need to make it over there. Can't wait to read more about it. – Carla

  7. Can't wait to read more about your Bachelorette weekend! I've never been to Vegas…it's never been real high on my priority list. There are so many other places that I'd prefer to see. Maybe one day though! I definitely think it's somewhere you have to go with a big group of friends! 🙂

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

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