Wedding Wednesday: a Day Late!

Happy Thursday to all, it has been a while since I last posted but so much wedding-related stuff has been going on, it has been incredibly hard to not be overwhelmed. I was doing really well out the gate, but now so many things snowball when you are working and planning at the same time! Decisions, decisions…

Firstly, it is hard to not feel anxious when I have always been a very reliable commenter, and now I warily eyeball a 1000+ Google Reader status. I think the lowest it has been in a month is at 700+ but we shall see what I can accomplish in the next few days. I just hate not giving back to all of you who I read, Instagram, Tweet with when you know I am pretty devoted to doing so. My normal 2 hours a day to do my blog comments are now taken up with caterer calls, emails with Mom, or returning calls or questions from other vendors related to the wedding.

We have gotten in many of our wedding invitation responses, but even though they were due on Monday we still have about 52 we need to hear from – really 30 as about 20 were people who had address changes they never told me about or other random items like that. Those are fine. But I did not anticipate so many people just not responding. I feel like it is rude and inconveniences everyone involved. Not even an email or phone call update on their plans. I would be embarassed to be that person, but maybe I am the only one?

We ordered beautiful and autumnal Bridesmaid Luncheon invitations from FineStationary and they came in perfectly, except we were disappointed that their “standard” return address font on the back flap was hysterically small, like a 1″ flap and the font was a standard script in maybe 10 point? Could not figure that one out! Also, the name is hysterically tacky-sounding, “Roadside Bouquet,” and in Virginia we have people who grow fields of wildflowers… not just on a roadside!

We also ordered our Rehearsal Dinner invitations… and Wedding Paper Divas sent me to hell and back with that one. I have used their website many, many times and this problem wasn’t small at all. The order was delayed and then they sent us the correct custom return envelopes with someone else’s invitations in the box – our order confirmation sheet and packing slip info was correct – so why didn’t that person check the names on the invite?! Timing is everything and while they gave me a small refund they were not as accomodating or prompt in correcting their error as I would expect. So I do not think I could use them ever again. Disappointing as I love their stuff, but a lot of things wrong in their operations and how they handle quality control.

Got my wedding hair trial done – so excited and happy with how it turned out! Hard to photograph but I think you get the idea. It looks perfect with the veil.

We picked up our wedding bands last weekend and are thrilled. I plan on wearing my band on my left hand and my engagement ring on my right hand due to the larger stone on my engagement ring. I love how elegant but special the custom band is… I did have a hard time taking that pretty thing off. It is a 5 stone band – which is what my Grandmama has – but mine is two diamonds and three sapphires. M wanted to integrate the stone again in the band and I think it looks fab. He has a simple comfort fit band with milgrain edge. Robert Jones at Hamric & Sheridan does wonderful work if you need someone for jewelry in the Shenandoah Valley.

I had a fun Bachelorette trip to Vegas – I may leave that for another blog post…

How are you all? Anything I need to catch up on or may have missed? XO

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14 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: a Day Late!

  1. Love the hair trial. I can't wait to see pictures of you on your big day!

    One of my biggest annoyances when it came to wedding planning was RSVPs. A friend of mine who got married 4 months before I did complained about people not replying in time, so I figured she would send back her reply card. Nope. I had to email her twice and call her personally (from Germany) to get her to reply. So rude.

  2. Thank you for the hair love! I cannot wait to share our special day with all of you ladies!

    That IS rude! I am so sorry you friend was like that. I really hope I don't have to chase down people that much. 🙁


  3. It sounds like things are coming together, despite a few hiccups. Your ring sounds gorgeous! I hope you can enjoy the planning process a few more people RSVP soon! That is so crazy, but I guess that's just how it goes.

  4. Hi! Your wedding hair is fabulous!! Love it! I had something similar when I got married and loved it. Somehow I thought I was going to wear my hair down in Mexico for the wedding. Boy was I wrong and I totally lucked out that the hotel salon staff was so talented. Can't wait to hear about Vegas!! 🙂

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. I saw your comment about your ancestor. Very interesting. I am frequently amazed at who finds my blog and how and why.

    You are busy with a wedding, it appears, but if you have time, go back to my blog for a post on Nov 30, 2010. That post shows a house at Mountain Road and Sedgwick (the continuation of Park).

  6. Sorry. Didn't complete. The house that is shown is too new to be your ancestor's house, but it is probably on the property.

    I'm sure the wedding will be great. The details don't matter. The fun and the experience do.

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